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Friday, August 29, 2008

30th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are having issues connected with family on your mind, in any love relationship also you are not happy with the attitude of your support from family
Do – this is a favorable period to look for change or alternatives in your career, your abilities are showing now and you can gain professional growth
Don’t – don’t have apprehensions or doubts about your loved one’s, their doubts may be genuine, hence don’t be uneasy
You are a bit concerned about some change of place or change of residence, you wish to be stable where you are living, astrologically also change is not recommended
Day special – stability in life and in career is important, that is your desire also, in case you are being transferred you have to try and get that transfer order changed
Some issues or pressures connected with money are on your mind, this can have direct linkages to some pressures or obstacles which may be there
Do – but overall it is a stable and happy period, there is nothing as such to worry
Don’t – don’t be harsh to anyone, don’t loose your temper, you have to be pleasant to others
Pressures on your savings can cause uneasiness of your mind, but most of these thoughts and fears are unfounded
Day special – there is no need for any upset, god is kind in many ways, personal and professional well being is ensured, don’t risk your money
Some fears of loss bother you, loss can actually be there if you don’t take care
Do – many issues are bothering you, even some differences can lead to upsets, you have to protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t let disputes appear in your profession, that is happening because you are to0 rigid in your attitude, don’t let that happen
Expenses losses or movements can actually bother you, these can lead to pressures on your financial position
Day special – but you are thinking too much and thinking negatively, actually there is need for some moderation, have patience and that will help you
You are gaining immensely from your efforts, overall life is stable and prosperity is ensured, but you are still not satisfied with your career
Do – satisfaction is a state of mind, when everything is stable then why should you unnecessarily worry
Don’t – don’t think in terms of extremes, even thinking for initiating changes in life is a kind of extreme which is not required, don’t do that
Excellent professional prosperity, your dependence on luck is not even required, for that reason the worries are also not valid
Day special – your own hard work has created lot of prosperity for you, if you still depend on luck then you will put yourself in to trouble, hence don’t do that
Some hidden obstacles can surface, that can make you psychologically uneasy, but the protection is much bigger and is a divine blessing
Do – stay calm as no harm will come to you, there is no point in thinking about problems all the time
Don’t – don’t ignore some kind of differences of opinion at your work place, that needs to be handled better, don’t leave it to chance or to luck
Your worries are connected with stress in relationships, that includes family marriage and personal life also
Day special – it is better to understand others more, your own views are important, but the wishes of god are paramount
Marital life is stable and you would be happy with that, creating doubts in your mind about the intentions of other is not the right attitude
Do – you have to protect the stability of your career, other things are not as important as this, for that you have to trust others and also have trust in yourself
Don’t – don’t get into any love relationships at this stage, especially at your work place it may not work out, hence don’t do that
Weak period as lot of stress is there on your mind, this can be for the performance of children as also for your health
Day special – all this needs better involvement from your side, first of all you have to be peaceful, your career is stable and it should make you happy

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