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Thursday, August 14, 2008

15th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not satisfied with your career, but you are working hard and your abilities are immense, luck is also on your side
Day special – with many of these good factors you have to keep lot of patience, shed your fears and anxieties as they are not required
You think that luck does not support you, but actually you can make your luck with your own hard work, your well wishers and family members will all support you on this
Do – as such there is nothing to worry, but protect your funds from getting stuck
Don’t – don’t ignore the need of the hour, you have to work towards gain of your knowledge, that will make your destiny, don’t ignore that
You are not happy with the circumstances, money is required for many needs, that puts pressures on you
Day special – financial pressures can be there because you are depending too much on luck, in fact that can create loss for you also, your focus should be for improving your self confidence, lack of that will be to your disadvantage
Financially promising period, but there is lack of trust on your mind for others; marital relationships need to be improved
Do – support others as much as you can, psychologically you wish to do that, but circumstances are not supporting you
Don’t – don’t risk your money at this stage, there can be too many pressures on that, you can end up loosing if you do not take precautions
Distressful period for health related issues, even at your work place there can be disputes and misunderstandings
Day special – basically the fault lies in you, you are making mistakes and you are thinking negatively, all these have to be improved now
Some love relationship is under pressure, but there are inherent obstacles in this period
Do – involve with your boss better, protect your finances also
Don’t – don’t be uneasy or distressed, your negative thinking is causing lot of upset, don’t let that happen
You are worried for your family needs as well as your business needs, family needs will be met there is no problem
Day special – business needs need to be arranged, that requires funds and as such there is pressure on your money
Worries about your career continue, from your side there is nothing which is lacking, many solutions will emerge after two days
Do – shed your fears and anxieties that is not going to help at all
Don’t – don’t have doubts about someone who can be actually very helpful, these doubts are made up in your mind, don’t let them overpower you
Financial prosperity is intact, but you are still dissatisfied and uneasy
Day special – you may be under pressure but your boss is also under tremendous pressure, although the reasons for those pressures can be different
Uneasy period continues, the goodness is emerging very fast, have positive viewpoint and be optimistic
Do – professional situation is improving, luck is also supporting you, you must have confidence in yourself
Don’t – don’t let differences emerge in your married life, that needs protection, you have to become mild to achieve that
Very weak period in many ways, dissatisfactions can lead to conflicts, health also needs care for that reason only
Day special – routine pressures are many that put pressure on your professional career also, but foremost is that you have to stay calm
You are not happy about your financial situation, your money may be stuck and problems may be there, it is wise not to get into financial disputes
Do – this period requires that you resolve your issues by discussion, but for that you have to have trust in others
Don’t – don’t be so sensitive as that becomes a habit, don’t get into any disputes with your partners, especially on financial matters disputes must be avoided

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