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Friday, August 8, 2008

9th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Extremely lucky period for you and you are happy also, but you are simultaneously thinking about change for which you are undecided
Day special – stability of mind is required to take any decisions, but as such you are doing fine and there is no real need for looking at alternatives
Weak period psychologically, you think that money may be stuck or money may be a problem, actually there are factors which can cause upsets
Do – don’t risk your money under any circumstances, it is better to do what you are doing, nothing new should be started
Don’t – don’t neglect your health and don’t get into uneasiness or conflicts in family, that is very essential for happiness and stability
Very lucky period as you are thinking about some love relationship, you wish to convert it into marriage and that is a good indication, generally you are having support from every one and that makes you happy
Day special – professional and personal well being is well protected, but you can not risk your money as that can cause upsets
You are worried for health concerns, even the health of family members may be an issue, but there is divine protection and nothing adverse will happen
Do – stay calm as there is nothing really to worry, but money may be spent and that can be a wastage
Don’t – still don’t neglect your health, don’t think about money at this stage, health is foremost and that needs to be protected, don’t neglect that
You wish to work hard to progress in life, that is a very good indication for your success in your life, eventually you are also thinking about some love relationship which can have hidden upset
Day special – don’t expect too much as it may not work out, obstacles are inherently attached to the circumstances at this stage
You are very focused towards home and family you wish to spend money for home improvement
Do – nothing wrong in doing something for your home and family, but you have to protect your finances as there can be heavy expenses and even losses
Don’t – don’t enter into any speculative venture that can put you into tremendous loss, but your spouse can be very supportive at this stage, don’t have ups and downs of thinking on that
Stressful period because you may have differences of opinion with elders, but you are trying to involve well towards everyone and that can be a protection, as such it is a lucky period and there is no real cause for concern
Day special – in your own efforts there may be ups and downs and that needs care, you have to struggle constantly and work hard to achieve your goals
You are thinking about money constantly, because there are many expenses on your mind which bother you, but all these are essential expenses which will prove to be auspicious
Do – fulfill your responsibilities as that is indicated well, you will get happiness as you do all that and that is a blessing
Don’t – don’t be stressed because expenses are high, as such your professional situation is stable and there is nothing to worry, don’t be upset
Excellent period for personal well being, you are doing fine and your focus is also right, except for minor issues connected with you boss everything is now becoming stable
Day special – your own ups and downs of thinking have to be controlled, you have to understand that god is kind and there is nothing to worry
Many thoughts connected with your career, you are worried for many changes and many upsets, but it is a period which requires lot of patience
Do – stay committed towards your work, work hard and that can only protect you
Don’t – don’t pickup any argument with your boss, even in your home and family arguments have to be avoided
Excellent period for financial well being, circumstances can not be better then this, routine pressures may continue to be there but that is something which you have to take in your stride
Day special – very lucky period in many ways, your professional growth is now indicated well, you are on the path of success
Stable period on professional front but you are still worried, these worries are in the form of obstacles and about business partners, even money can be under pressure to some extent
Do – negative thoughts are more which need to be controlled, you have to look at the strengths of this period which are connected with your career
Don’t – don’t be harsh in your attitude, some mild differences of opinion can be there, but don’t let those overpower your thinking

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