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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

21st August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

To achieve more in life you are determined to work hard, but side by side you have to protect yourself from differences of opinion also
Day special – positive focus is there but you are worried also, worries are in terms of losses conflicts or differences, be optimistic in life
Very favorable period for overall happiness in life, that is the real purpose of efforts and existence, and you are on the right track of thinking
Do – maintain this focus and you will gain immensely, some love relationship also gives happiness
Don’t – don’t think in terms of monetary gains alone, there is more to life than money, as such you can risk your money in this period, don’t let that happen
You know how to create a balance between your personal life and professional life, that is your strength and that is what you are trying to do, that will give you happiness
Day special – mild issues connected with conflicts or differences with family will be there, to resolve those you may have to involve better or undertake some travel, you will gain from this effort
Travels movements and far off linkages can also prove to be beneficial, this is because luck is supporting you in every way, but some careful planning is still required
Do – do all this effort with an attitude of being helpful to others, that goodness has to be created by you in your mind
Don’t – don’t be selfish and don’t be egoistic in your attitude, that can create differences of opinion, don’t let that happen
Financial prosperity is intact, but some one may try to cheat you, that can put your money into risk also
Day special – you have to do two things, first you have to protect yourself from some possible loss or cheating, second you have to keep yourself psychologically stable, getting worried will not help
Pressure in career can be immense, personal life is stable and happy, any legal complication can lead to upsets and loss only
Do – protect yourself from such eventuality, listen to others and take their advice, that will protect you
Don’t – don’t be very rigid in your attitude, this rigidity is indicated in the chart, that is also a mental weakness which has to be curtailed, don’t let any upset occur on account of your uneasiness
Lucky period generally for your stability happiness and prosperity, but you can loose most of these gains with your carelessness
Day special – any conflicts can lead to losses only, some health related issues also need to be protected
Money needs to be invested in business, but routine pressures of work can still bother you, as such you are in a positive state of mind but a little tense
Do – be calm as there is nothing adverse as such, these are auspicious times but you have to trust your own abilities
Don’t – don’t let routine pressures upset your thinking, protect yourself from undue expense or loss, don’t initiate any change as it can increase your expenses
Very stable period in personal and professional life, especially on personal gains you will gain immensely, happiness prosperity and overall auspiciousness is with you
Day special – far off linkages will bring lot of goodness for you, but whenever something is hidden it is natural to be worried also, that is a reality which you have to accept
Some differences of opinion at your work place have to be control, for that you will have to showcase your abilities better
Do – generally you are doing fine at your work place, but all this is with lot of stress, you have to remove that stress to find happiness
Don’t – don’t look at any alternatives or changes at this stage, you may have to change your own decision, hence don’t take any decisions without proper planning
Some love relationship has inherent routine problems, but auspiciousness is also there to support your views, your love relationship can lead to marriage also
Day special – generally auspicious period in many ways, but your career is suffering which needs to be protected, some family related obstacles also need to be addressed
Issues connected with home family property and marriage needs to be addressed, you are too busy with your own work and these things are suffering, you are leaving too much to chance or luck
Do – your own involvement has to be total, there are ups and downs in that and that is also a cause for pressures
Don’t – putting your money into risk and depending on luck cannot be advised, you have to protect your interest in any case, don’t let any unplanned expenses convert into loss

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