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Saturday, August 16, 2008

17th August 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are having a little rigid attitude, for financial gains you are being stiff and that is causing differences of opinion
Day special – despite this negative attitude you will still gain financially, but in doing so you are getting away from many of your well wishers, don’t do that
Changes in career are on your mind, that will give you a opportunity to work hard and to learn more, this possible change is therefore to your advantage
Do – the deciding factor for any change has to be connected with professional reasons, money should not be the deciding factor for any possible change
Don’t – whatever changes in life are coming will require your total involvement, you will be able to get happiness with this positive attitude, don’t ignore this important fact
Some differences of opinion in property matters may emerge, this is a mixed period in which obstacles are also there but you will be able to achieve the progress also
Day special – any financial dispute must be avoided, whether it is connected with property or for taking or giving of loans, that should be avoided
Very auspicious period in many ways, your success lies in your own efforts, but psychologically you are not willing to work hard, that is the negativity which you carry
Do – change your attitude because you are just thinking negatively, that is not required and that is not going to help
Don’t – don’t spread unhappiness around you with your negative thinking, this will make your near and dear one's unhappy and that is all because of you
Very lucky gains are possible for you from many sources, even some property related investment can give you profits, luck is on your side and that is the goodness which you carry
Day special – in this goodness think about others, help others as much as you can, protect yourself from differences, take care of health
Negative period as there are lot of pressures on you, obstacles in may ways are indicated, these are all because of your own mistakes
Do – you are being too stiff in your attitude, that is the problem and that is where the fault lies
Don’t – don’t be selfish as that is not going to help, but by doing so you will be increasing your problems, hence don’t ignore this astrological advice
Any change in your life should be avoided, that can lead to loss and problems, your abilities can also be questioned
Day special – students must work hard at this stage to gain from these positive forces, your friends can be very positive and you have to take their help at this stage, that can lead to auspiciousness in your life
Gainful situation in many ways, professional stability is growing, recognition of your work can give you happiness
Do – find a balance between your work and your personal responsibilities, that will lead to happiness in your life
Don’t – don’t have any fighting attitude at this stage, it is better to be mild and be pleasant to others
You are thinking of far off linkages and many developments are taking place for that, for that reason professional circumstances are also becoming favorable and better, this is a divine blessing
Day special – many forces to support and help you, professional growth is indicated like never before, you must work hard to gain recognition or promotion
Very lucky period for financial gains, other things can be stressful but this is a favorable development, financial prosperity in itself can solve many pressures
Do – protect yourself from differences of opinion with boss, as such your professional involvement is improving, but obstacles are also there
Don’t – don’t think negatively as that will make you isolated, involve with others with devotion, don’t let any negativity come in that
Professional circumstances are becoming weak as there are many pressures, you are also not working as much as you should, but it is a harmonious situation for stability in personal life
Day special – the area of weakness has to be addressed, if your efforts are reducing then you must improve that, that will protect your interests in your career
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, one by one many issues are being resolved, as such professional matters are under control
Do – students have to understand the importance of studies, this is a weak period and precious time is getting lost, protect yourself from that
Don’t – don’t think of expenses alone at this stage, that can increase your pressures, as such pressures were there earlier, don’t recreate those pressures again

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