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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Friday 25 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your stress may be connected with ups & downs of your thinking connected with work & finances, you are not satisfied with the overall situation and that is why feeling depressed
Day special – While overall gains may be abundant for you, you should not risk them in any manner, especially if there is need for financial planning you have to be all the more careful
Vrish – You may have abundant ability but it has to be used with regularity and with discipline, you have to perform and also show that performance in the positive manner
Do – You also will have to connect with others and appreciate the viewpoint of others, only then you will get the support which you deserve
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people in home & family may be highly supportive of you in your career, that can actually motivate you and remove your apprehensions
Mithun – Remaining distressed with your own people & well-wishers is disadvantageous to you, you can get into unnecessary conflicts by that kind of thinking
Day special – While financial situation is generally stable & lucky you are not happy with your savings, that is why the present pattern is showing in a negative manner
Karka – This period can actually help you & motivate you to work hard, but what is required from you is the pattern of regularity as that is where deficiency is evident
Do – Your own performance is not up to the mark because your mind is diverted, for that reason your relationships with others is also suffering
Don’t – Don’t let any issues arise because of what you speak with people of importance around you, you will have to show & project your goodness & abilities with constant involvement
Simha – You want to increase your financial situation from many types of gains, that may include gains from home, property or even borrowings
Day special – If you are planning for major changes or major decisions then your frustrations may appear, for that reason your carefulness is required to take each step forward
Kanya – Your performance or efforts may not be adequate and still you are getting benefited, this is on account of the forces of divine blessings which are available to you that you will be benefited
Do – The need is that you have to improve your involvement as that is important, and that has to be attempted with lot of regularity & discipline
Don’t – Don’t forget that people of importance can go against you, for that reason you will have to show your goodness towards others in a very philanthropic manner
Tula – You are becoming a bit wasteful in your approach because of your dissatisfactions & carelessness, that is why planning is lacking and that is causing problems for you
Day special – Your focus is somehow attached with relationships as you want to fulfill your dreams & desires, that is why you will have to be all the more careful in what you say or express to others
Vrishchik – Your involvement & efforts may be right but unstable, there are times when you are not at all in a mood to involve the way you can
Do – Still your desire to connect with your own people is remarkable, that is why work related situation is generally stable & happy
Don’t – Don’t still depend too much on luck as it may not help you in any great manner, you will have to depend on your own performance & abilities as that is important
Dhanu – Work is important and it is somehow becoming stressful that career issues are there, you may be thinking of changes, travels or even alternatives but somehow you are not getting what you desire & deserve
Day special –
Makar – You may be depending on luck for various reasons and luck is generally helping you & supporting you adequately, that is why there is overall blessing with you which is helping you to even overcome your psychological pressures
Do – Financial angle is generally stable but your dissatisfactions are still showing, that is why you are a bit careless in what you are speaking to others and that is where your mistakes may show
Don’t – Don’t show your pressures or dissatisfactions in any negative manner, your strength lies in your hard work which you are capable of doing
Kumbh – Work related problems & pressures may be there, so much so that you may be worried about some loss which can be there
Day special – Whether it is a question of real loss or your dissatisfactions, there are patterns in which you are yourself responsible for these weaknesses which will have to be protected
Meena – You will have to connect with others in many ways, that may include financial help & involvement for others so that your problems are resolved
Do – Relationships are not proving to be advantageous in the manner in which you expect, that is why your own optimism is required in whatever you are doing
Don’t – Don’t let wastages appear because that is where the problem lies, even in routine issues you can be in a pattern which is not very supportive, that is why proper planning is required

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