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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 15 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Many things keep you stressed & dissatisfied, they include your finances, your relationships as well as your effort to move forward
Day special – Your involvement in your work is remarkable and that is where your focus is, whenever your involvement is in a particular area other things may suffer a little, but that is all right
Vrish – Some stress or obstacles are evident because you may be careless in what you speak, you cannot be hurtful to others at any stage and that is something to remember
Do – Any changes or alternatives may be strong on your mind, that is why you are pushing your luck too far and trying to achieve something based on that
Don’t – Don’t take decisions with stress or confusions on your mind, ascertain the reality and then move ahead
Mithun – You have doubts or dissatisfactions connected with relationships and not sure what to do, but relationships in general seem to be strong and you are getting drawn towards that
Day special – Routine kind of stress & pressures can bother you, for that reason financial difficulties may also be there with which you may not be happy, but all this requires lot of peace & patience
Karka – Health is a factor which needs to be cared for, if there is need for investigation or treatment you cannot ignore that
Do – Any decision connected with work or change must be taken with carefulness on your mind, for that you have to keep in mind that place of work or stay is also important
Don’t – Don’t also forget that there can be many hidden issues which may crop up as you move forward, it is therefore better to ascertain those facts also before hand
Simha – You are aware of the hidden issues in relationships, that is why you are unsure whether you will get the approval from your own people or not
Day special – Financial planning is also going wrong for various reasons, your expenses are uncontrolled and your pressures are evident, you will have to think about that also
Kanya – Stress in home & family may be there but generally everything seems to be all right, you are thinking too much and creating lack of trust for others in your mind
Do – Your own abilities are abundant and your hard work can prove to be beneficial, that is the goodness which you carry
Don’t – Don’t forget that instability in relationships is bothering you, for that reason you are creating certain obstacles for which you are yourself responsible
Tula – Your efforts can be strong as you have that ability, but your own negative thinking is reducing that effort and you are undecided
Day special – Even in home & family there are many factors which keep on bothering you, in matters connected with investments you are getting stressed and unsure whether you should move forward or not
Vrishchik – Certain pressures connected with outflows can bother you, but your overall financial position is stable and there should not be any big issue as such
Do – Psychologically there is need for you to be at peace, all those hidden patterns which bother you need to be addressed in a very cool manner and you will be able to resolve those issues
Don’t – Don’t also forget that day to day pressures may still be there in your life, but those are the routine things which will always be there whatever be your achievements, hence accept it as a reality
Dhanu – Your uneasiness may be there on account of financial inflows, but it is more important to create stability in your career than take decisions with money as the only motive
Day special – More than anything else your own abilities must be maintained at an optimum level, for that reason career is a great option which determines the goodness for you over a period of time
Makar – Uneasiness connected with far off places may actually bother you, this may include matters connected with your own loved ones or even your career
Do – More than anything else your own stress is there which needs to be controlled, for that reason your own patience will work wonders for you
Don’t – Don’t forget that home & family is important, getting into stress with them or differences is not going to resolve your issues, those positive steps will have to be taken for protecting those differences
Kumbh – You may not be happy with the gains which you are getting at this stage, but it is a lucky situation which you will have to accept and only then the happiness will be achieved
Day special – Your extremes of thinking is actually bothering you, you are thinking that whatever is the alternative is the only & right thing, but you must remember that there are other options also which can be important
Meena – Dissatisfactions in work can be there because there are hidden obstacles as well, for that reason you are bringing that stress to your home and bothering your own people as well
Do – You will get the support of your loved ones in whatever way you want, that may include financial support and psychological support as well
Don’t – Don’t still forget that more than work or money it is your inner peace which is important, for that reason you will have to look at the goodness around you which is abundant

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