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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday 28 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your work needs finances and your involvement, with that kind of focus you can get over your apprehensions also
Do – Your partners or associates will come forward to help you and that will be a blessing, that will provide the necessary forcefulness in your involvement in whatever you are doing
Don’t – Don’t still plan for major events where you are not yourself convinced, that is not required
Vrish – Generally stable and supportive period in which everything is moving as per your desires, but you are getting stressed unnecessarily
Day special – Getting uneasy is going to unnecessarily create stress & differences of opinion, but the reasons are made up in your mind and not as valid
Mithun – Relationships may not be as strong or vibrant as there are many obstacles attached to them, that is why this period can be called weak only
Do – You must understand that expenses can complicate the issues and create further losses, you have to protect yourself from that
Don’t – Don’t forget that pushing your relationships beyond a level can create upsets in your home & family, you have to therefore understand that the help which you may get at this stage can mean a lot to you
Karka – Unthoughtful & unplanned ways will have to be avoided, you have to appreciate that your own people are caring towards you & supportive towards you
Day special – You have to come out of the conflicting ways & conflicting views which you are carrying, that is harming you only both financially as well as emotionally
Simha – Your efforts & involvement is remarkable and there cannot be a better situation than that, but you are still getting into issues which can actually be avoided
Do – The circumstances will have to be created in a manner which provide peace & patience, you must therefore give importance to relationships at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that your efforts will have to remain pointed & focused, any deviation in that will make it wasteful and that is not desired
Kanya – Relationships are important to you but your own home & family is more important to you, therefore you are stressed as to which path you should take
Day Special – Psychologically you want to remain connected with your own people, but at the same time you want to convey your feelings so that your matters may be resolved to your advantage
Tula – You are very caring for your loved ones and that effort is going to make you very happy, especially if you are away your care & fondness may further grow as a result
Do – Protect yourself from the smallest of issue becoming complicated, especially in matters where differences may persist you have to be all the more careful
Don’t – Don’t stress yourself as a result of these forces, lot of peace & patience and mildness on your part will be essential for you
Vrishchik – This period is motivating because your own people are motivating you further, this is a positive linkage because we all require the pat on the back at times
Day special – The more you communicate with others your image and your knowledge will be appreciated, that is precisely what you have to attempt now so that you are benefited
Dhanu – Financially stable & strong period as you will be able to discuss your matters very well, especially in any situation of taking your career forward this can be beneficial
Do – This is continuing to be a period which can help you to invest in home or property, therefore funds will have to be arranged and you will be able to do that
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial implications will have to be understood & addressed on a constant basis, that is something which will require careful planning for which your peace of mind is very essential
Makar – Very auspicious period despite the stress which you are carrying, your overall pattern of goodness therefore will get reflected and your abilities will be appreciated
Day special – Travels or far off linkages will prove to be very beneficial, therefore all these patterns are emerging to help you & support you
Kumbh – You are being a bit too wasteful in your ways and in your thinking, that is where some protection is needed
Do – If you are trying & testing your luck too much then you can even get into losses or difficulties, that is why carefulness is all the more required
Don’t – Don’t plan for any major changes or change of place, many hidden factors may not support you in that manner and in that way
Meena – Despite difficulties this period can be stable & supportive for financial prosperity, the main reason is that you are focused & devoted from your side and that is why success will be achieved
Day special – Work related patterns require lot of peaceful planning, that can help you to avoid the wastages which are showing in many ways, that kind of protective attitude will help you now

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