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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday 8 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to work really hard and to achieve your goals, for that reason your focus is pointed and you can achieve a lot
Do – Still you have to understand that thinking of major changes or making big plans is not really required, constant involvement on day to day basis is necessary
Don’t – Don’t therefore pressurize yourself or plan for change of place unnecessarily, but for that reason you will have to consider all aspects carefully and only then take any change if required
Vrish – Financial aspect is very well indicated and you are lucky, luck is also playing its positive role in many ways to improve your overall prosperity
Day special – This goodness has to be sustained as well as protected, for that reason financial decisions need to be taken with lot of care also
Mithun – Although many things are stable but you are creating stress for yourself on routine matters, for that reason issues in home & family may also become bigger unless you are careful
Do – Restricting yourself to the factors of your career may be advantageous, minor issues will have to be taken in your stride and accepted as such
Don’t – Don’t forget that some obstacles will surface all the time, that does not mean that everything is unstable or wrong, don’t therefore let problems arise where they are not there
Karka – Generally lucky period and there is nothing adverse, but certain thoughts for alternatives may still be there on your mind which may have to be considered side by side
Day special – You must not forget that there are many unknown factors in any change which you may have to face, even in travels those unknown obstacles may surface to give you pressure
Simha – Stress & pressures in finances may be felt, you may suddenly realize that there are too many factors which you have to handle and nothing is easy
Do – Trusting any one unnecessarily can lead to problems, there can be therefore differences which will have to be faced for which care is needed
Don’t – Don’t forget that keeping yourself stable in your thinking is very essential, you must maintain your goodness which is there in abundance and not get into complications from your side
Kanya – Relationships are important to you and your devotion is indicated, you are therefore even trying to willingly connect with others and understand the views of others
Day Special – This goodness from your side will help because this will resolve many issues at this stage, this will also improve your relationships in general and make you stable in your thinking
Tula – On many factors you are stressing yourself and creating uneasiness for yourself, if there are thoughts for changes on your mind then you have to be particularly careful
Do – There is need for you to work really hard and in a pointed direction, if you let your mind get diverted unnecessarily it is not really going to help
Don’t – Don’t therefore just depend on luck in your personal matters, there are hidden differences & issues which you will have to understand fully and clearly
Vrishchik – Money may motivate you to work hard but minor issues may still be on your mind which may stress you, therefore a lot of pragmatism is required and you have that in abundance
Day special – Look at the goodness which you have and you will realize that God is kind, that is why your constant motivation to work hard must remain intact and you will be duly benefited
Dhanu – Financial aspect is becoming better with your own work related involvement, therefore those linkages will have to be created over a period of time which will bring you that advantage
Do – From your side try to understand the views of others, that will be advantageous because you will be able to gather lot of happiness as a result
Don’t – Don’t get angry in any discussion, that is not really going to help at this stage and it may further complicate the matters
Makar – Luck is favoring you immensely especially in financial matters, your own goodness & happiness is therefore indirectly getting created which is a remarkable situation
Day special – Consider whatever options come before you and remain constantly motivated towards that, you will realize that over a period of time a lot of goodness will get attached to you and you will be happy
Kumbh – Major issues or changes may be on your mind, even on relationships you may be stressing yourself because you have so many complicated thoughts which you are considering at the same time
Do – Keeping peace & patience is required, discussing your matters to convey your thoughts may also be helpful, try to do that
Don’t – Don’t forget that your goodness will get reflected in whatever you speak, that goodness has to be conveyed to others in a manner which shows that you are caring towards others, that will take care of many things to your advantage
Meena – You will stand to gain from your own people abundantly, for that reason financial prosperity is indicated which is a remarkable situation
Day special – This is a period which gives you immense happiness and self-confidence, therefore there is nothing adverse and you will realize this goodness immensely, the best indication is for financial prosperity which is there for you to enjoy

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