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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday 7 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting a bit too worried for your work, your finances or your wastages, but you have been yourself willingly creating those situations where you find yourself today
Day special – There is need for you to be practical in your views, thinking too rigidly and egoistically is not going to help, you have to understand every aspect of the situation
Vrish – Generally situation is stable and your financial aspect is comfortable, but there are too much of instability in this goodness also and therefore some care is needed
Do – In financial matters planning may be needed, in work lot of regularity needs to be achieved
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is a motivating period for you to work hard, you have the ability and you have the desire to move ahead, that will help
Mithun – Personal life situation is a bit stressful and that is why you may be worried, but the goodness of this period lies elsewhere
Day special – Work related situation is remarkably placed and with the help & guidance of your supporters and well-wishers you can achieve a lot, even your elders can provide the necessary guidance for your growth at this stage
Karka – Your efforts are unstable and that is why you find that there are too many obstacles, so much so that you are depending on luck for carrying your life forward and that has its own problems
Do – Generally this is a lucky period and there is nothing to worry, but there can be stress on account of differences for which you are yourself responsible
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget the need to work hard on constant basis, you will have to remove the apprehensions which you carry on your mind as there is no role for that
Simha – Financial angle is pressurizing and you are also not taking care of your regularity of life, lot of discipline is needed at this stage so that your health remains perfect
Day special – You also have to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses or wastages, they may be there on account of your impulsiveness which needs lot of planning
Kanya – This is a period which may make you emotionally intense and you are devoted for some love relationship, you may be inclined to even take it forward in the long run
Do – Your family is caring towards you and you are connecting with them very well, but at the same time you also have certain apprehensions as to whether you will get the support from them or not
Don’t – Don’t think negatively as there is no need for that, if you look for goodness around you, you will find abundant goodness and that will make you happy
Tula – You are being wasteful & aggressive in your decisions, that is why you are thinking of so many things without proper planning
Day special – These are the reasons which make you psychologically stressed also, despite your goodness you are getting into stressful situations even with your friends or elders, work related situation therefore must also be protected, discussions connected with work must be done with lot of patience on your mind
Vrishchik – Gains are abundantly indicated although your expectations are higher, but the best indication still remains that you have the ability and you can put it to right use
Do – Your knowledge & abilities have not been fully appreciated and you are aware of that, but still you have to move on to do that good work which you are doing
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships need to be nurtured and you are connecting with others very well for that reason, that will give you the necessary happiness which you deserve
Dhanu – Work related situation needs greater input & regularity, for that reason you have to use your efforts & motivation in that direction
Day special – You are becoming comfortable in your situation the way you are, but you must remember that doing something extra requires that extra efforts which may be a bit pressurizing also, but that is how you have to move forward
Makar – Generally lucky period in which you will be benefited, your motivation remains high and that becomes the driving force for you at this stage
Do – Certain travels may be indicated which may prove to be favorable & lucrative, you will be duly benefited with that
Don’t – Whatever you speak must have very stable views, changing your views frequently is going to show you in poor light, don’t let that happen
Kumbh – Stress is showing in many ways, therefore care may be needed in your own decisions and in what you convey to others
Day special – Whatever you speak may actually be used against you, therefore despite your good intensions you have to face pressure for which you have to be careful
Meena – You are very keen to help others and in turn you will get lot of help from others also which is a blessing, your own goodness is getting reflected in the process
Do – Work related situation is stable & rewarding, but you have many thoughts for changes or alternatives on your mind, you have to plan carefully for that
Don’t – Don’t be too rash or impulsive in decision-making, there are many hidden issues which need to be addressed simultaneously, therefore don’t take any decision hastily

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