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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monday 14 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement in work is motivating you immensely although you sometimes feel apprehensive as to whether you can accomplish it or not, these are the self-created doubts which have no role to play
Do – Your involvement must be kept high and pointed, and you will be able to use & utilize it in the right manner in your work, even if you are studying this focus will help you
Don’t – Don’t therefore feel stressed in any manner, you must trust your own abilities and you will be benefited
Vrish – Abundantly auspicious period and many opportunities are knocking at your door, you will have to speak clearly and convey your thoughts clearly especially in an interview
Day special – Overall prosperity is indicated and there is nothing adverse, even on the financial front this can be a remarkable situation which will immensely benefit you
Mithun – Financially stable & lucky period but you are risking your money unnecessarily, the reality is that you are yourself not careful and that is where the problem lies
Do – Some amount of uneasiness is also the factor of your decision making, that is why these inconsistencies are evident which have to be protected
Don’t – Don’t let your routine pressures increase as a result of your outflows or impulsiveness, even if you have to be helpful to others you have to consider your own financial well-being side by side
Karka – Very auspicious period and you must get the benefit out of it, but psychologically you are not as attuned to that and you are continuing to be uneasy
Day special – You must understand that routine kind of issues may continue to bother you, but that is something which is a reality for each one of us, you must look at the goodness which is abundantly available
Simha – Financial pressures may be there because you are not being careful, if you think that personal life issues need involvement then you must do that from your side
Do – Protect yourself from any kind of stress or conflicts in personal life and in home & family, otherwise the goodness of this period will unnecessarily be spoilt
Don’t – Don’t forget that there is need for financial planning which you are ignoring, a little bit of care on that aspect can help you and benefit you to move forward in life with better focus
Kanya – Stress & obstacles are evident and especially in relationships this is a factor which must be considered, even in your day to day thinking you have to maintain that stability which is very important
Day Special – Work related pressures can be immense and therefore you are passing through challenging times, you have to be careful at each step forward so that you are able to protect yourself
Tula – Financial angle is very well placed and there is nothing adverse, people may come forward and help you immensely and that will please you also
Do – Luck may support you in your efforts to involve in your personal life with your own people, but you have to do that whole-heartedly and in a manner which is generally supportive to others
Don’t – Don’t carry a sense of distress on your mind, don’t also carry lack of trust for others which is not really required
Vrishchik – You are being very forceful in your approach to take your life forward, but routine kind of issues can upset your thinking and stress you immensely
Day special – You have to be very cool & calm at this stage, you have to therefore understand the goodness which is spread around you abundantly and you cannot destroy that with your own thinking
Dhanu – Financial pressures are immense and you are not able to control them, you will have to accept the fact that wastages will have to be controlled at any cost as they are not giving you anything in return
Do – Connect with others and discuss the matters with others, that will help you to focus your energies in a manner which will be helpful for your work and your career
Don’t – Don’t doubt the intensions of people around you and your loved ones, they are all supportive & helpful at all the time
Makar – Financial angle is stable and abundantly beneficial, but you are still not satisfied because you carry so many thoughts on your mind unnecessarily which is not right
Day special – You must understand that luck can play its positive role in many ways, but more than anything else you will have to stay happy & calm so that those lucky circumstances give you what you wish to achieve in life
Kumbh – Highly stable & motivating period but you are trying to bring about major changes also side by side, that is why you are trying your luck in many ways and trying to take big decisions as well
Do – Relationships may not be as comfortable as you want, that is why I would call them your own mistakes as you are not able to handle your personal life relationships in an amicable manner
Don’t – Don’t doubt the intensions of others, you have to understand that your own instabilities are causing these problems in your personal life
Meena – Generally lucky period and financial angle is very well placed, your own people are supportive and you are getting benefit from them immensely
Day special – This is a period which is supportive from others and you will be benefited, you are getting the guidance & help from others and you will stand to gain everything as a result, but remember that you have to get & spread the happiness which you are getting as a divine blessing

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