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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday 17 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You want to put in your best to take your life forward and your career forward, your self-confidence will help you immensely in this respect and you will be benefited
Day special – The best indication is that you have to maintain a balance between your personal & professional life, and you are able to take care of your own people very well and that is a blessing
Vrish – Your hard work will give you the rewards abundantly, that will improve your performance and will improve your image
Do – You will have to be careful as far as your savings are concerned, someone may try to take advantage of that and put you into difficulty
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own performance needs to be sharpened with lot of regularity in your mind, that is the path to success for you
Mithun – Your routine kind of issues can be a hindrance which you will have to understand, therefore you will have to protect the happiness & stability of your personal life in any manner
Day special – If you remain pleasant to others you will be able to protect the situation, and at this stage you have the ability to precisely do that and you will be actually benefited with that
Karka – You can connect with others and influence others very well, in the process you may even be a bit wasteful in your expenses but that is a reality which you will have to accept
Do – Your own self-confidence is abundant and you are focused to connect with others very well, for that reason your efforts to reach out to your friends or well-wishers will be achieved
Don’t – Don’t let any loss occur just because you are being careless, therefore some amount of care is needed at this stage
Simha – Financial angle is such that you are not able to protect it adequately, on one hand your expenses are high and on the other hand you have to fulfill your responsibilities which is a must
Day special – Carefulness is needed in many ways and that includes your savings as well as your health, on all these matters a pattern is emerging in which you will have to make your thinking very stable
Kanya – Work related situation requires that your abilities will have to be used towards that, and a little bit of involvement in that can bring you enormous financial rewards also
Do – Gains from work are abundant and that is the goodness which you carry at this stage, at the same time your relationships can also become strong because you are devoted towards them
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that good times are there for you to enjoy, your committed involvement in relationships will bring you lot of happiness
Tula – Luck may help you & favor you to connect with your own people very well, so much so that you may want to move closer to your own people from far off places now
Day special – Your decisions connected with work will also have to be taken with this idea in mind, that should be the guiding factor which will indirectly benefit you in your career as well
Vrishchik – Generally lucky & stable period which is motivating you to work hard, from that your rewards are abundant and this is a blessing which you carry
Do – Generally lucky & stable period which will reflect in many ways, your emotional relationships can also become vibrant and that will please you immensely
Don’t – Don’t forget that some routine kind of hidden factors may surface for which you may be stressed, but that can also be resolved with the abundant goodness which you carry and which can help you immensely
Dhanu – This is a period which will bring you financial gains, from your work and from your involvements this is a supportive period which will help you
Day special – Psychologically you may still be uneasy because there are too many pressures on you, but little bit of peace & patience will help you in the long run
Makar – The more you connect with others the more rewards in the form of advantages will be achieved by you, routine differences of opinion will also have to be addressed but that is something which is essential
Do – If someone is trying to talk at your back then you will have to be careful, that is also easy to resolve if you understand the views of others
Don’t – For that reason don’t ignore the work related situations simultaneously, you will have to devote your time & energy towards that also which requires some effort
Kumbh – Some expenses or wastages can actually bother you, in relationships also you may be stressed because someone may move away from you
Day special – Psychologically you may be stressed with all these developments, therefore a lot of peace is required as you cannot fight the destiny
Meena – Financial rewards are abundant from your own people, even relationships can be vibrant to give you lot of happiness
Do – Some love relationship is shaping up in a manner which will have the approval of your own people, for that reason your goodness is getting reflected
Don’t – Don’t be too firm & pushy in your desires, give everything, space & time and you will achieve what you wish to achieve

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