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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday 21 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Matters of home & family need to be handled peacefully as that is essential, bringing professional stress & pressures home is not advantageous
Day special – If you are keen to plan your funds judiciously then this is the period to do so, but that has to be done with lot of peace on your mind and not in a rigid manner
Vrish – Your efforts & hard work will bring laurels to you in your educational pursuits, that can make your destiny and can help you to move forward in life
Do – You will have to remove the stress which you carry on your mind, indirectly that is hampering the smooth flow and that has to be avoided
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability but you get influenced by others very fast, that is why instability creeps in which is not desired
Mithun – Your resolve to make judicious investments can be very rewarding, there will be obstacles but at the same time luck may favor you
Day special – In any matter connected with finances you will have to avoid stress with your own people, for that reason you will have to keep a lot of peace and you will see that the blessings are with you to make your path smooth
Karka – You are very keen to work hard but your efforts are not giving you the desired results, that is why there are wasteful efforts which you are making at this stage
Do – Your desires may be right but your focus is not pointed enough, that is why you are not able to achieve what you wish to do, you will have to understand your own deficiencies and your limitations
Don’t – Don’t get into stressful situations with your own people, it is better to avoid any issues which may complicate the whole situation
Simha – Wastages are there and your impulsive decisions can increase those wastages, therefore you will have to be very careful in handling your funds position
Day special – Even in matters connected with raising or repaying loans you will have to be careful, you must remember that your savings are also at stake and therefore you cannot take any risk
Kanya – Financial position is stable and there is nothing adverse, you can arrange funds easily and that is a blessing which you carry
Do – Day to day affairs can be stressful and that is where the problem lies, even in handling people who are important you will have to be careful and give them the importance which they deserve
Don’t – Don’t forget that generally your health also needs care, you are being too lazy or lethargic and that is why you have to maintain an active & disciplined lifestyle
Tula – Financial angle is such that you are thinking of changes or change of place, but your own thoughts are unstable and you are not able to take your decisions forward
Day special – Even in relationships you want to fulfill your desires whether they are right or wrong, that shows your forcefulness of thoughts which needs moderation
Vrishchik – Lucky period generally as your involvement is rewarding, that is important and that can give you the goodness which you deserve
Do – Investments are possible because the period is supportive for that,
Don’t – don’t ignore that this is a pattern which can give you long term advantage and therefore your plans will have to be made carefully
Dhanu – Psychological pressures in your work will have to be avoided, and that is possible by continuously involving in your work in a devoted manner
Day special – Your work will provide that motivation to you and your involvement & hard work will give the rewards in your work, hence it is a two-way traffic in which one thing is linked to others and you will be benefited
Makar – Relationships will have to be taken forward with your committed involvement, but your own regularity is important to be maintained and you will have to think on those lines
Do – Luck is favorable & supportive and for that reason financial angle is very well placed
Don’t – don’t let any impulsive thoughts or decisions connected with changes spoil the stability of this period
Kumbh – Stressful period as not many things are to your advantage, psychologically you have to be at peace and avoid any mistakes from your side
Day special – Work related situation is generally supportive and your involvement is great, for that reason you are getting the help & support of others but routine issues will have to be kept under control
Meena – Some love relationship is important to you and you have very serious views about that, you are committed in your own way and you are caring towards others fully
Do – The response from others is not as great or as good as the views which you carry, therefore you will have to be philanthropic towards others and not expect anything in return
Don’t – Don’t forget that emotionally you will have to be mild and not too intense, otherwise your expectations will become high and you will be distressed, that is important to understand

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