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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday 24 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking too much that you are depressing yourself unnecessarily, you have many thoughts for changes or alternatives on your mind but in the process you are creating some loss for yourself also
Do – Keeping patience would definitely help because you are getting into depression, it may be prudent to think of the goodness which you carry and which is available in abundance
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial gains are there for you and that can please you, but you will have to protect those gains and not convert them into loss
Vrish – Financially strong & stable period but you are not still satisfied with your gains, you may gain from association with partners and the support from people around you
Day special – Keep your expectations low and also avoid creating risk for your money, these two factors are placed in a manner that you are yourself creating those situations with your own thinking
Mithun – Work related situation is excellent and you are going to be benefited with that, as a result your own abilities may also shine to give you growth in your career
Do – Some love relationship can bring very strong and make you happy, especially if it has linkages to your work place then those circumstances are strongly placed
Don’t – Don’t get into differences of opinion especially connected with your financial rewards, you will have to therefore remember the bigger fact that peaceful co-existence & cooperation with others is essential
Karka – Generally lucky & stable period as many things can be under control, but on matters connected with some love relationship you are distressed because there are too many obstacles appearing unnecessarily
Day special – Despite goodness this is a period which requires lot of peace & care, there are situations of disagreements and there are issues which may indicate obstacles, therefore don’t consider this to be a smooth period
Simha – Stress & pressures in home & family are indicated, still you will have to connected with people around you in a very positive manner
Do – Some love relationship will have its own issues which will have to be resolved, but a little bit of involvement can help you
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to connect with your family, finding fault in them and remaining dissatisfied with them is not going to solve your problems
Kanya – You may not be happy with your own efforts & performance, that is the deficiency which you carry at this stage and that is not looking good
Day Special – While you may get excellent support from others you are still getting into problems, people may understand but you are not understanding others the way it is desired
Tula – What you speak can lead to pressures & problems for you and in your relationships, you may be trying to resolve those issues but actually getting away from others
Do – Communication is very important but that should not be leading to problems, therefore your own uneasiness & dissatisfactions will have to be removed
Don’t – Don’t ignore the thoughts & advice of your elders as that is important, they may seem to be against you but they are your well-wishers
Vrishchik – Some love relationship is on your mind but you are getting distressed & depressed, therefore peace & patience will come by connecting with your own people in your home & family
Day special – Lot of goodness is reflected in what you are thinking and what you are doing, but you are getting depressed and that is not really required
Dhanu – You are thinking about home, family and your own loved ones, you are getting a bit nostalgic and missing your own people also making you uneasy & stressed
Do – You have plans for travels & far off linkages on your mind, but also you have thoughts for taking your life forward so that you are benefited
Don’t – Don’t be uneasy & depressive, life has to give you a direction for the future, and that is true for each one of us
Makar – Your friends & well-wishers are generally helpful & supportive to you, but you are still not happy with that because your expectations are high and that bothers you
Day special – Financial gains are indicated but you will have to protect those gains by way of savings, for that reason you will have to maintain a lot of stability in your life and not create upsets
Kumbh – You have the ability and you have that sense of involvement which is very important, as a result you can influence others and also get the gains abundantly
Do – Work related involvement is definitely required and you have to avoid getting into differences, that is important to understand
Don’t – Don’t forget that by making yourself dissatisfied you are creating pressures & problems for yourself, don’t let that happen
Meena – Abundantly good period in many ways as you will be rewarded & benefited, but as far as your own performance & abilities are concerned there is need for you to improve that also side by side
Day special – You may not be happy with the developments which are shaping up in the form of changes or alternatives, therefore you will have to take care in the process and take your decisions with caution

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