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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday 10 February 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your own people will prove to be very lucky for you, you can depend on them and even talk to them to clear your doubts
Do – For that reason your performance, your abilities & your focus is very well indicated, work related matters need constant hard work
Don’t – Don’t carry any dissatisfactions for your own people at this stage, even your savings can be adequate and you need not worry about that
Vrish – You are creating stress & differences for yourself, because you are thinking too much and thinking in terms of extremes
Day special – Changes may seem to be lucrative but you still will have to take adequate care, just because you are too keen to take big decisions does not mean that everything is as per your desires
Mithun – Some love relationship is strong on your mind and you want to fulfill your wishes, but in the process you are creating lot of pressures for yourself in home & family
Do – You will have to remove the doubts or apprehensions which you carry in your mind, especially in relationships that kind of mindset does not help
Don’t – Don’t put your money into any kind of risk, even if you are convinced and even if you are able to arrange those funds you cannot still take any decision which may be risky or may lead to loss
Karka – Home & family needs to be given its due importance, especially if there are issues connected with money then you may have to resolve many things
Day special – Getting into stress & conflicts is not really desired, and especially if you are not fully conversant with the facts of the case you may be making a mistake
Simha – Professional angle requires hard work and you are able to do that, that can benefit you immensely in taking you forward in life
Do – The goodness of this period is somewhat reduced because you are not getting along with people very well, that is why conflicts can appear and they can prove to be pressurizing
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for something in which your dependence on luck is too much, that is where care may be needed and your own hard work may be required
Kanya – You have to fulfill the needs of your loved ones, even if you are uneasy or not convinced you still have to take care of your own people now
Day Special – Relationships may have many patterns emerging which may make you stressed, but that is life and you will have to understand that maintaining your own goodness is always beneficial
Tula – This period is helping you and motivating you in many ways, help & guidance may come to you to give you happiness and improve your well-being
Do – Financial investments may be on your mind and they can be beneficial, you may actually depend on others in the process
Don’t – Don’t especially ignore your work related involvements, even if you have to connect with others for help & guidance you must do that now
Vrishchik – You may have many alternatives on your mind which may improve your financial well-being, the deciding factor therefore is money but you are stressing yourself in the process
Day special – The period itself is highly motivating and may help you to work hard, that is where the overall pattern of gains & prosperity is placed and you will be benefited, but anything can be achieved with peace & patience and that is something which you will have to remember
Dhanu – Financial gains are indicated for you and your abilities are shining, you have this goodness in you which can take you very far and that is important
Do – In whatever you convey or discuss you have to do it very peacefully, that is how you can win friends & influence people
Don’t – Don’t forget that health is important and must be cared for, on day to day basis that kind of awareness will be beneficial
Makar – You may be thinking of many changes or even change of place, travels therefore may be on your mind and you are constantly thinking about that
Day special – Relationships are such that they can give you happiness, overall pattern of stability is very well indicated and you will be benefited immensely
Kumbh – Gains from your hard work are showing but you can be wasteful also in the process, you are being too rigid in your thoughts and in your actions which is not required
Do – Professional angle needs to be protected as routine matters may hamper your progress which you wish to take, that is why your communication with others must remain very pleasant
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for major changes without considering all aspects of life, money alone is not important and that is something which you will have to understand
Meena – You wish to arrange funds to fulfill your work related needs, and financial position is generally stable & rewarding and there is nothing adverse
Day special – Luck is favoring you immensely in many ways, that is why your needs are getting fulfilled in various ways, but people who are important must be given their due importance now

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