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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Friday 2 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are worried about many pressures and obstacles in life, that is why your dissatisfactions are showing.
Do – Even in relationships you have concerns on your mind, but from your side you are devoted and honest.
Don’t – Don’t carry stress on your mind for reasons which are not valid, if you think more than what is required then you are causing those obstacles yourself which is not needed.

Vrishabh – Any lack of trust will lead to conflicts and differences of opinion, that is why it is essential to connect with others and communicate with others.
Day special – Even in matters of home and family you will have to try and understand the other person’s views, that is essential because that will remove these doubts which you carry on your mind.

Mithun – In some love relationship your thoughts are in terms of extremes and that is where the problem lies, but you have that ability to take out your views and make others understand as to what you feel.
Do – Your efforts must therefore remain positive and constant, that will help you immensely in your effort to understand others.
Don’t – Don’t therefore create conflicts where you are not aware of the facts, that is why a clear understanding of circumstances is very essential for you to appreciate.

Karka – You are doubting the intensions of your own people and thinking that they may not support you in whatever you wish to do, that is why this period is weak in many ways.
Day special – But there are patterns to show that you may get the rewards and happiness from your own people only, and if you have to take any decisions connected with investments or gains then this period can be highly beneficial.

Simha – The more you communicate you will be able to resolve the issues which you carry on your mind, especially in home and family this will be very essential for you to do.
Do – Your motivation therefore depends on your own self confidence, and you have abundant self confidence at the moment to help you, guide you and take you forward in life.
Don’t – Don’t avoid taking decisions where your satisfactions are not there, just because your expectations are high does not mean that your rewards are not adequate, you have to therefore take those decisions and they will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Kanya – You are doubting your own abilities and your own efforts, but you must understand that these are the thoughts made up in the mind and may not be as real.
Day special – Your extremes of thinking is not letting the stability in your financial situation also emerge, as a result your outflows are higher and uncontrolled, that is where some care is needed.

Tula – You are not happy with your savings or with your assets which you are creating in the form of savings, that is where your expectations are not being met.
Do – You still must understand that your financial inflows are strong and rewarding, and over a period of time this will prove to be beneficial and supportive to you in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t therefore say anything which may be hurtful to others, especially where you are not aware of the facts you cannot go wrong.

Vrishchik – Your extremes of thinking are depressing you, on one hand you are thinking of problems and loss and on the other hand you are doubting your own abilities.
Day special – You must understand that any kind of thoughts for changes in work will ultimately pressurize you, you will have to therefore understand the strength of your work which is more important at this stage.

Dhanu – You are worried for many things which are made up in your mind, but also you are stressing yourself for your loved ones for whom you care.
Do – Overall pattern of goodness and auspiciousness is intact, God is helping you in various ways and that is a blessing.
Don’t – Don’t have these ups and downs of your thinking unnecessarily, that is not going to help you in any manner or support you in your viewpoint.

Makar – You are not happy with your financial position as you think that lot of planning is needed, especially if you have to repay your liabilities your thoughts are very valid.
Day special – On work related situation you are stressing yourself because there are obstacles created by you yourself, you will have to therefore appreciate the views of others as well as the views of your boss to handle that situation to your advantage.

Kumbh – Professional matters are stressful and worrisome, and that is the reason that there is need for you to use your knowledge and skills adequately and to your advantage.
Do – Your loved ones are supportive towards you and caring towards you, that is the pattern which is going to help you eventually and support you in the long run.
Don’t – Don’t forget that auspiciousness is generally there in which there is nothing adverse, this overall pattern of blessing is placed in such a manner for you that your own mistakes may also be covered and you may be protected.

Meena – You may be blaming luck for whatever is happening at the moment, but largely it is a situation which is such that you are creating those obstacles in your mind unnecessarily.
Day special – This is a period which has its own stress and pressures, you will have to therefore take adequate care from your side and not increase those pressures which are already there, you have to give due importance to people around you and that includes your boss as well.

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