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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Friday 9 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your focus towards your work is such that you want to accomplish more and achieve more, for that reason your involvement is focused and praiseworthy.
Day special – But in this forcefulness you may get into unnecessary differences of opinion also, that is where some care is needed, human relationships will have to be handled carefully.

Vrishabh – You may be depending on luck for various reasons and luck is supporting you in many ways, for that reason your involvement is high your hard work is showing.
Do – You will be able to improve your relationships as a result of these positive forces; In home, family and with your loved ones you will be happy.
Don’t – Don’t forget that work is important and using your knowledge in the right direction is important, that is something where your focus must lie.

Mithun – Psychologically pressurizing period as this is not making you any happy, as a result you are getting stressed also for various reasons.
Day special – Financial angle is such that you have to protect yourself from any kind of risks, even in whatever you discuss or speak you will have to be careful.

Karka – You will have to support others and connect with others fully and wholeheartedly, that will provide the necessary motivation which is required at this moment.
Do – There may be inherent pressures in personal relationships but that is something which you will have to take care, you cannot move forward by ignoring this.
Don’t – Even with partners you will have to be careful because there may be hidden disagreements in the offing, but more you connect with others and understand others you will be in a better position to handle this.

Simha – Outflows and loses are indicated which may lead to further pressures, as a result you may be inclined to even borrow to fulfill your needs but that is where some restraint is needed.
Day special – Psychologically this period requires your peace and patience, many things will be required which need your self confidence and that is abundant.

Kanya – Personal relationships are important and they are heavy on your mind, you are constantly involved in that thought only and nothing else actually is coming to your mind.
Do – In the process you are becoming a bit wasteful also, even routine kind of issues will have to be handled carefully which is important.
Don’t – Don’t forget that even in personal relationships there are pressures despite your focused attention, in home and family there may be several ups and downs which may lead to pressures which are building up for you.

Tula – Home is important and your involvement with others is praiseworthy, even where there are situations that you are away you are thinking about your own people only.
Day special – There are forces and factors which may be trying to take you away from your loved ones, that is why your care is all the more indicated on account of which you want to associate with others, this is a remarkable thought on your mind which must be carried forward.

Vrishchik – Your hard work is indicated and your focus is reflected, as a result your professional angle is becoming strong which will help you to get the best advantage out of these forces.
Do – Motivation is high and as a result your rewards are also indicated, you have to therefore constantly work hard towards your goals.
Don’t – Don’t forget that the uneasiness of your mind is also moving and side by side, that is where some protection or moderation is needed which will help you to overcome those factors of anxiety which you carry.

Dhanu – Financial angle is well placed and even in unfavorable situations you will be able to gain, as a result your expressions or whatever you speak may be very practical and that will help you.
Day special – Financial involvement is such that you must invest judiciously, if there is need for you to put your money in your work then this is a favorable situation.

Makar – People are supporting you helping you adequately and that will please you, for that reason this is a generally favorable period which you are passing through and which will help you in many ways.
Do – But there is a pattern as a result of these forces that you are leaving many things to chance, that is not right because you cannot depend on luck all the time.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be hidden upsets or hindrances which are inherent in this period, although the present moment is not adverse but in the background you will have to understand that there are pressures also.

Kumbh – Expenses and outflows may actually bother you and any changes may be upsetting, you have to therefore understand that peace and stability is more important at this moment.
Day special – Psychologically you may have to condition your mind more peacefully, and that is possible only if you try to remain stress-free, otherwise psychological issues may lead to even health related pressures.

Meena – Financial angle is generally stable and supportive, but at the same time your wastages are also shown which will have to be protected from your side.
Do – Relationships are supportive and happy, and that factor pleases you immensely, that is what you have to continue to involve with.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that personal relationships in home and family will have to be taken care of, for that matter even your boss will have to be kept happy otherwise there may be disagreements.

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