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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thursday 15 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking about studies and to improve your knowledge and skills, for that reason you may be even inclined to move away from your loved ones.
Day Special – There is need for you to protect yourself from unnecessary differences of opinion, and that can have linkages to your work as well as financial issues.

Vrishabh – Home is important to you and that is where your happiness lies, but somehow you are not able to handle your finances and that is why wastages are occurring all the time.
Do – There is some amount of instability of your thoughts which are causing these upsets, obstacles in life are also on account of these very factors of ups and downs of your thinking.
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships will have to be given its due importance, for that reason you are associating with your own loved ones very well to understand them and to help them.

Mithun – Your work situation and rewards is motivating you very well, as a result you have the desire in you to succeed on the basis of your own hard work.
Day special – Your success lies in the fact as to how much you can work and progress. Circumstances are helping you and supporting you adequately in this direction.

Karka – Luck is playing a positive role in your life at this stage, your work situation is also getting that benefit as a result of these forces. But still you have to understand the deficiencies of your work for which you have to involve more.
Do – Dependence on luck is something which is not going to help, you have to therefore refrain yourself from any such thoughts.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your savings are important and they should not be frittered away, even routine kind of issues and expenses may take away those gains unnecessarily and that is where the problem lies.

Simha – Strong period for financial inflows and prosperity, but your dissatisfactions are continuing because you are unable to hold on to your gains.
Day special – Wastages are indicated and unplanned impulsive ways are indicated, you are not giving due importance to the fact that your carelessness can lead to losses as well.

Kanya – Work related situation is becoming stressful because you have problems with the boss, that is why you are trying to connect with others and take the help from others.
Do – You still have to understand that help may not come the way you expect, that is why the period is not as stable or comfortable as you would like it to be.
Don’t – Don’t also let these pressures emerge in your personal life in home and family, there also lot of patience is needed, but still you will have to supportive towards others as much as possible.

Tula – Gains are indicated in very lucky manner and you will be benefited, and as a result of that you will be able to fulfill the needs and responsibilities on the financial front.
Day special – There are still issues with partners which are not as comfortable, you may think that your partners are not fair in their approach and that is where the problem lies.

Vrishchik – Routine type of issues and pressures may continue to be there in your work situation, work as such is strong but problems are there to be faced and handled.
Do – Relationships are weak and not giving you any great happiness, the instability factor is playing its negative role in this very manner.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there may be need for you to invest in your work, for the purpose of improvement or for the purpose of future benefit this is possibly essential.

Dhanu – Generally lucky period for personal life issues to be stable and happy, for that reason the circumstances are becoming favorable gradually for your career to emerge.
Day special – Personal life factors are well placed and providing lot of satisfaction to you, that is the reason that your ability to connect with your own people is very well indicated.

Makar – This is a weak period because health factors may also emerge, and on account of that there can be hidden upsets which you may have to face.
Do – Changes, travels or change of place may be on your mind, but you must consider that the problems of this period will have to be kept in mind, you cannot take any big decisions with your eyes closed.
Don’t – forget that health is a factor which needs to be cared for. You have to therefore give importance to the minor or routine kind of issues also so that they do not become bigger and problematic.

Kumbh – Relationships are important to you and you are discussing your matters in that direction, but there are still routine kinds of factors which will have to be handled from your side with lot of patience.
Day special – Any type of communication will help to resolve your issues, and this has to be done gradually and regularly over a period of time.

Meena – Stress and pressures in home and family will continue to be there, that is why there can be linking stress and pressures causing health upsets as well.
Do – If you are too inclined to be careless in your eating and drinking habits then these factors can be all the more aggravated, that is why health related issues are coming up to cause these linkages which show your undisciplined lifestyle.
Don’t – Don’t forget that minor issues will also have to be handled carefully and with patience, you cannot ignore them because they can further aggravate into problems and pressures, that is why in home, family or in marital life care needs to be taken from your side.

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