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Friday, September 9, 2011

Saturday 10 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – In personal life and in home and family you are being a bit unfair towards others, that is because you are not able to take care of them.
Do – It is good to remain focused in your work but there are other responsibilities in life as well, that is where you have to devote your time and energy.
Don’t – Don’t make your own thinking negative in any manner, specially in handling your personal life situation you will have to be all the more careful.
Vrish – You may think that people around you are not supporting you adequately, and that is reducing your own motivation in many ways.
Day special – This is also a period where your outflows may be high and unplanned, that is the deficiency of the period which you are going through and which is not right.
Mithun – You may not be happy with your savings or for that matter your financial position generally, that factor stresses you and depresses you a lot.
Do – These are the reasons that you are carrying pressures in your personal life also, and that is why a lot of peace and patience is generally required.
Don’t – Don’t say anything which is hurtful to others, that is where you will have to control your own outbursts from your side.
Karka – Overall pattern is highly supportive and favorable, to the extent that others are coming forward to help you and give you the advantage.
Day special – In relationships you may carry some stress because you may be dissatisfy, but these are the deficiencies of your own thinking on account of which you are becoming a bit negative in your approach, that is where some moderation is needed.
Simha – Any change of place or change or change of circumstances may not be as favorable to you as you may expect, therefore luck may not favor you the way you want and that is where you have top protect yourself.
Do – Psychologically also this period requires lot of careful handling, if circumstances do not go your way then you will be unhappy.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think of any major changes at this stage, don’t be too aggressive or too forceful in your decision making as a result of these forces.
Kanya –This is a mix period in many ways, your motivation is not as favorable or strong as it should be, that is the deficiency which you carry.
Day special – But on the positive side I can see that your obstacles are also not as big which can not be handled, therefore you have to take some precautions and those very factors will help you to over come your problems.
Tula – You are thinking about your work and how to improve that, because you are realized that there is scope for improvement there.
Do – If you are in a business then there is a need for you to invest more and that is important, for that reason your careful planning may be needed to execute your thoughts and take your work forward.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that you are partners may not be as supportive as you expect, therefore it is a period which has many colors of the spectrum and they show accordingly.
Vrishchik – You are coming out of pressures and problems now but not as happy, but one thing which can protect you from this situation is your own involvement.
Day special – Work is something which can please you and which can protect you, that is why your committed involvement is something which is needed.
Dhanu – Care of your loved ones is needed all the more, and that is why psychologically you will have to be caring and protecting towards others.
Do – Work related involvement is shaping up very well, that is where your practical and matured view point will help you to handle your issues.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there is lot of divine protection in many ways, but care from your own side is definitely needed to create that protection from your side.
Makar – You have to help others and even if it is in small bits and pieces it will be a good thing to do, that will show your goodness and your philanthropic outlook which is desired.
Day special – Overall pattern of circumstances of therefore supportive and favorable, you have to therefore understand the bigger scheme behind this and try to align with this forces.
Kumbh –Health related factors need a bit of care, your own involvement in work is getting reduced and may cause upsets unnecessarily.
Do – You have to remain very optimistic from your side, getting depressed at this stage is going to cause further problems.
Don’t – Don’t have any kind of unnecessary apprehensions about your professional life, for that matter your own efforts and hard work is required on regular basis which must be sustained.
Meena – You may be trying for some emotional relationship but your efforts may be misunderstood, therefore luck may not help you to resolve those issues even if you try.
Day special – Overall pattern of personal relationships is not as strong, therefore you will have to avoid into any kind of pressures misunderstandings or conflicts, that is important.

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