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Friday, September 23, 2011

Saturday 24 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – While your intensions are good towards others but you are getting into issues and problems which are not as comfortable, that is why you will have to become very mild to avoid such situations.
Do – Conflicts may be there or differences of opinion may be there, and that is why this period requires care in many ways.
Don’t – Don’t become too overpowering on others, try to listen more and speak less.
Vrish – Your efforts to take your knowledge to the next level is appreciative, and that is why your family is ever supportive towards you in your efforts.
Day special – You may not therefore think of any big alternatives at this stage, that is not going to help you the way you expect.
Mithun – Home and family is important and that is where your happiness lies, this period may also help you to invest judiciously and plan effectively.
Do – Discussions in any manner can be helpful to take your decisions, that may even get you the advantage of support from others even on financial matters.
Karka - This period is highly motivating for you to do more and to achieve more, and that indirectly will improve your self-confidence tremendously.
Day special – But some how your abilities are not as strong as they should be, and on top of it you are doubting your own abilities to some extent.
Simha – Financial angle is very well placed and on account of that you are becoming a bit too wasteful also.
Do – Expenses to some extent are acceptable, but if your decisions become illogical than it is your own mistake which needs to be corrected.
Don’t – Don’t think of any major changes or major change of place, for that reason maintaining stability or at least planning carefully is very essential.
Kanya – Strong period for your well being and for your goodness to appear, but you are not able to carry your own loved ones along and therefore you are becoming a bit careless towards others.
Day special – There is some amount of rigidness which is evident especially on account of your financial well being, that is why there is need for you to at least try and appreciate the views of others.
Tula – Luck may not support you the way you expect and as a result you may be taking certain decisions which can be termed as too drastic.
Do – Work related situation generally seems to be stable, but you are constantly thinking of alternatives or changes which is not actually desired.
Don’t – Don’t let these complex forces trouble you in any manner, wait for a while and you will see that these pressures can be resolved if you understand your responsibilities.
Vrishchik – Generally stable and lucky period in many ways, especially in financial matters the rewards are flowing which is a blessing.
Day special – Routine kind of issues are such which need care, you can not risk your money even if you have the best of conviction in your mind that you can succeed.
Dhanu – Psychological issues are such which require careful handling, especially where you have to become mild then you have to understand that this is the need of the our.
Do – Care for others is the prominent aspect coming out at this moment, your loved ones deserves that care and you will be doing that extra bit from your side to take care of others.
Don’t – Don’t therefore let any pressures emerge on the psychological front, carefulness has to be combined with mildness to get the best advantage of these forces.
Makar – The goodness of this period reflects in a manner that luck is supportive towards you and giving you success, even those routine matters which were bothering you earlier are quite under control now.
Day special – That is the reason that people will come forward to help you in various ways, but where your own involvement is needed then there is no substitute for that.
Kumbh – Routine kind of matters can be pressurizing on account of which your care is needed, even in relationships you will have to understand that you can not be too rigid in your thoughts.
Do – Work related issues require greater care because this can lead to conflicts, and that may even lead to a situation where your own performance gets reduced.
Don’t – Don’t let any of these pressures convert into a problem, each of these issues will have to be handled carefully one step at a time.
Meena – Relationships are important to you and you are finding a lot of happiness in that, so much so that despite your saying hurtful things people are accepting it as these forces are well placed for you.
Day special – Happiness in home and family is intact although minor issues may still have to be addressed, that is why it is essential that goodness of any period must be achieved with your own involvement as only then you can protect yourself from problems.

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