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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday 19 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are being a bit firm in what you are saying and that is showing your immense self confidence, but there is a kind of pressure emerging which is not comfortable for others.
RELATIONSHIPS – Anything which leads to discomfort to others is not advisable, for that reason you will have to avoid getting into any kind of differences from your side in personal relationships.

Vrishabh – Your motivation will help you to work hard and to achieve a lot, it will generally make you happy and there should not be any problem.
Do – Some love relationship is strong and important to you and you are committed towards that, overall pattern of profession and finances is also supportive.
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for yourself or for your own abilities, for that reason don’t let your own performance get reduced from your side in any manner.

Mithun – Wastages are indicated because you are too impulsive and too strong in what you want to do, you are not able to take the help or guidance of others the way it should be done.
Day special – This is also a period where you may be thinking of change of place or change of circumstances, but here also lot of careful planning is needed so that you do not go wrong.

Karka – Financial prosperity is indicated very well and you will be benefited with that, and this goodness will further help you and motivate you to achieve greater heights with your own involvement and hard work.
Do – Continue to remain committed with this focus and you will be benefited, and that is the path forward to you at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t let anyone cheat you or take advantage of you and your funds, you have to therefore try and understand as to whom you have to trust.

Simha – Work related situation is strong and you are happy with that, the rewards are there but not as strong as you may expect.
Day special – If you are trying to raise loans to meet your needs then you have to be all the more careful, but also you have to be careful on account of wastages or misutilisation of funds.

Kanya – Luck is generally favoring you and there is no problem, as a result you are depending more and more on luck to take your decisions.
Do – This is alright as long as you are not taking any risks, especially any financial risk at this stage is not advisable.
Don’t – Don’t also let your routine issues complicate your professional life, lot of peace is needed to take your decisions or to postpone your decisions for a while for the best indication to emerge.

Tula – Psychological pressures may be there for you although you may not realize that for a while, but you are stressing yourself in any case because you are carrying too many thoughts on your mind.
Day special – This situation is not very advantageous because there are many hidden forces trying to bother you, wastages are also indicated as a result which need to be corrected.

Vrishchik – You are committed towards others and helpful towards others, and as a result you are happy that you are able to do something for others.
Do – Any goodness or philanthropic idea must be done wholeheartedly and without any doubts on your mind, and that is precisely what you should try to do.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own loved ones may be a bit wasteful, you will have to possibly make them understand that the worth of money is very important to be appreciated.

Dhanu – Pressures are there because you are not taking advice seriously, that is why heath related issues are also there which may be bothering you.
Day special – Psychological pressures will have to be controlled by very peaceful condition of your mind, you will have to understand that to maintain peace and patience is more important and to let this situation not get into problems from your side, largely you will have to understand that any kind of weakness will have to be protected whether connected with health or with pressures which you carry on your mind.

Makar – Relationships are important to you and nothing more is as strong as this thought on your mind, as a result your personal life issues are getting neglected in home and family.
Do – A balance is needed to understand these factors carefully, luck is generally supporting you in this thought although you are being a bit too rigid.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to move on a path which gives you happiness, and you have chosen that path from your side and you do not want to deviate from that.

Kumbh – Home and family is important and you are devoted towards that, but you are not still making others as happy as much as it is needed
Day special – That is why there are issues and pressures although they may be called your own mistakes, you have to therefore protect yourself from these situations which can actually be avoided from your side.

Meena – Your motivation is intense and your hard work is showing, especially where you have to help others this situation is very rewarding.
Do – But you must understand that there are hidden stress and pressures which you will have to face, they may be mild issues here and there but they still need to be controlled.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that your well-meaning intensions can also cause pressures in some love relationship, you will have to therefore avoid changing your own views repeatedly as that is going to be negative pattern for you.

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