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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Thursday 8 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your involvement towards work is remarkable and you are trying to use your knowledge and skills adequately, but somehow you are also getting into certain stressful situations.
Do – Avoid any kind of misunderstanding at the same time at this moment, prior to show your pragmatism as much as possible.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own strength of knowledge and skills is your protection at this moment, and you have that ability in abundance that you can be benefitted.
Vrish – Generally peace and harmony is indicated in many ways, and luck is also adequately favoring you and supporting you in some form or the other.
Day special – Home and family is important and your own people are supportive, you must maintain that peace with others and try to get as much happiness in the process.
Mithun – Psychologically stressful period and you may even risk your money in that manner, that is why there is need for you to understand these forces.
Do – The best advantage can be achieved by hard work and your focused involvement, that is your strength at this moment which must be utilized.
Don’t – Don’t take any risks and don’t stress yourself unnecessarily, look at the goodness around you and you will find that there is abundant reason for you to smile.
Karka – Financial angle is beautifully placed and your savings will make you happy, your involvement with others will also motivate you as a result.
Day special – The best advantage can be achieved by communicating with others, and the more you associate with others this communication will improve further and will help you achieve greater heights.
Simha – This period is helping you to achieve a lot of self confidence and that is important, this is despite the fact that there may be psychological issues which you may face but you are able to handle them very well.
Do – Health is one factor which needs careful contemplation, and that is where you may have to discuss your matters very peacefully with others.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial planning is still very carefully needed, you can not go wrong in any kind of discussion which may lead to your own harm.
Kanya – Wasteful situations as you are not able to control these forces, as a result your relationships are also under pressure in some way or the other.
Day special – Routine kind of issues will have to handled more carefully because there are pressures on that, especially where changes are desired there can be upsets and that is where your carefulness may be needed.
Tula – Home and family is important and that is why you are getting the advantage and gains also from others, but there are also thoughts of changes or change of circumstances on your mind which are possibly bothering you.
Do – Look at the advantage which you are getting in the process, and there is a balance which is needed in terms of decision making for which many things are important.
Don’t – Don’t forget that sometimes changes can also bring about advantages the way you want, therefore it becomes an essential requirement of the time which will have to be accepted as a reality.
Vrishchik – This period is highly strong and motivating as for as your professional work is concerned, you have the ability and you will use it judiciously to get this advantage.
Day special – Your focus must therefore remain strong and constant towards your work only, all other factors which may spoil that regularity will have to be forgotten for a while.
Dhanu – Very lucky period and supportive period in many ways, that is the reason that what ever you discuss will also be advantageous to you in your personal and professional life.
Do – Discussion therefore will give the best results and you will have to do it with a very practical view point, as a result you will see that you are getting the help from your well wishers and supporters also.
Don’t – Don’t therefore doubt the strength and goodness of this period, this has abundant ability and this period can be viewed so much more.
Makar – Problems can be there and pressures can be there, you will have to therefore understand the hidden factors which are not looking as good.
Day special – You will have to understand that the views of your boss may not match with your views, that is where the conflict may lie and that is where some care may be needed.
Kumbh – This is a period to associate with others and take the help of others, even of you are stressed psychologically you will have to understand that the guidance which you get from others can be very essential.
Do – Also in the process you will have to avoid any psychological conflicts which you are carrying in your mind, that is how you have to plan and understand that others can be beneficial to you.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that unnecessary changes will have to avoided because that is where the problem lies, you will have to therefore understand that there are many hidden factors which will have to be understood and avoided from your side.
Meena – Health related issues may crop up which may have something to do with fever or infections, even otherwise there are many factors which require care from your side.
Day special – Financial planning is such which becomes paramount, for that reason you will have to depend on others and understand the views of others also simultaneously.

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