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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Monday 26 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are stressing your personal relationships in home and family, even on matters connected with finances you are being too rigid and harsh leading to these problems.
Do – Even in some love relationship there are issues which are not as comfortable, for that reason your own performance is getting reduced and not giving you any help.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that as a result your performance may get reduced in your workplace, financial matters are also coming under pressure for these same reasons.

Vrishabh – Your inclination towards relationships is very strong, on one hand you want to take some firm decision to take a relationship forward and on the other hand you want to please your own people in home and family as well.
Day special – But somehow your elders or well-wishers are not supporting you adequately, at least you feel that they can support you at this stage at least.

Mithun – Relationships are not very strong and your thoughts for fulfilling your desires are also being a bit unfair, for these very reasons it is better to try and please others as much as possible.
Do – There is also a pattern which shows that travels or changes may be on your mind, but even in that area there is no big advantage the way you expect.
Don’t – therefore expect any big results or rewards at this moment, keep your exopectations practical and within limits

Karka – Your motivation is there because you want to prosper in life, and despite uneasiness and apprehensions you are trying to take those steps forward for eventual accomplishment.
Day special – I also feel that your past memories are motivating you to take your decision pragmatically, at least on the factor of your desire to work hard your past experiences are helping you and guiding you very well.

Simha – Work related advantage may not be as great but at least it is giving you the stability and regularity, and for that reason your own motivation is getting built in a manner that you are putting your past behind and trying to move forward with conviction.
Do – It is better to avoid any risks and avoid any loses, for that reason you must also protect your finances which are increasing unnecessarily.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that you have the ability and you can put that to your advantage, for that reason you have to remove the apprehensions which you carry on your mind.

Kanya – Luck is favoring you and this is generally a supportive period in many ways, but you are thinking more than what is required and therefore your expectations are becoming too high.
Day special – As a result you are not happy with whatever you are achieving, and that is why you are not able to look at the advantages also the way they are building up.

Tula – Financial angle is something which you are not able to hold on to, that is why routine type of wastages are increasing for you at this stage.
Do – You have to understand that you are creating this stress factors in your life yourself, for that reason I will put them into the category of hidden and frustrating obstacles which you have to face.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that your savings may be under pressure and you have to plan very well, that is the need of the hour at this moment.

Vrishchik – Work related situation needs total concentration from your side, only then you will be able to reap the rewards the way you expect.
Day special – You must remember that outflows on pleasures will have to be controlled over a period of time and that will be possible if you sit down with your own people and make them understand as to what is the priority in life.

Dhanu – Your work requires lot of input and your responsibilities are building up in that manner, but overall pattern of luck is also generally supportive and there is no real problem.
Do – I also feel that your practical viewpoint is going to help you immensely at this stage, and that will also help you to take your future decisions connected with yourself and with your loved ones in the process.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that anything or everything is a problem, especially on health factors don’t be too stressed psychologically.

Makar – Relationships are important to you and you wish to carry them forward, even in workplace you want to build on these factors and try to get some advantage in the process.
Day special – Luck may not be supporting you in your work situation, but that can play its limited role at this stage, it is only your positive thinking which will help you to achieve your dreams and that is very important to understand.

Kumbh – In home and family there are pressures which may spoil the stability and take away the happiness, that is why there is an urgent need to connect with others and to understand others.
Do – Minor issues of routine nature will have to be avoided, even in workplace your pressures will have to be controlled.
Don’t – Don’t let your own performance get reduced in the process, you have to please others adequately and that includes your boss as well.

Meena – Your mind may be unstable and stressed, and that is why you feel that there are obstacles at every step.
Day special – Largely it is a situation where your own efforts are getting reduced, because you are not able to trust your own abilities and that is why the problems are more of your own making and not of any reality.

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