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Monday, September 19, 2011

Tuesday 20 September 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very keen to invest in some property but you will have to think again, that may not be as good a deal as you may expect.
Do – In any case financial planning is essential because you have many responsibilities, that is why a very careful decision needs to be taken.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you will have to become flexible in your thoughts, otherwise relationships can become difficult and situation may not be as happy.

Vrishabh – Travels or changes may not be as lucrative as you may expect, but you are very forceful in your thoughts and wish to take those decisions without taking anybody’s advice.
Day special – Home and family is important and they are ever supportive to you, but you are not happy with your partners as you think that they are playing a negative role in your life.

Mithun – Your financial troubles are on account of your own wrong decisions, and you are not realizing the fact that these are your self-created mistakes.
Do – Creating a situation of financial comfort is always not helpful, if you take loans then they can get wasted also.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect the fact that lot many things need to be seen, any change of place or change of circumstances will have to be planned very carefully.

Karka –Professional situation is generally stable and without any problems, financial position is also supporting you and motivating you enough.
Day special – Certain thoughts of travels may also be on your mind, but that requires carefulness because you may lend up yourself spending more than what is actually desired.

Simha – Wastages are indicated and that is where your plans may go wrong, but work related situation is such that you are reaping the rewards also side by side.
Do – Any decision with carefulness will help you in the long run, it will also help you to assess your situation so that nothing actually goes wrong.
Don’t – Don’t expect luck to favor you all the time, that is why any decision taken with rigidness can lend you in trouble.

Kanya – Financial angle is generally supportive although risks need to be controlled, as far as your heath is concerned you need to take extra care.
Day special – Your eating and drinking habits need to be controlled and made more disciplined, otherwise there may be issues connected with health which will have to be protected.

Tula – Work related situation can remain stressful and challenging, but you will have to understand the hidden issues which are causing those factors and there can be some intrigue at the back of it.
Do – Pressures and problems are of hidden nature which actually bother you, to that extent your financial position may also remain under pressure.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your professional situation demands a lot more care from your side, funds may be needed and investment may be needed, don’t forget that.

Vrishchik – Luck is adequately favoring you and your own people are supportive, you may still have apprehensions about others which is not right.
Day special – Money may flow from many sources and that is a blessing, rewards from work are also generally well placed from which you must take full advantage.

Dhanu – Health related issues continue although there is ample protection available to you, but this is a situation of unnecessary ups and downs which you are facing both on personal as well as professional fronts.
Do – Make yourself very mild and humble, that will help you to remain peaceful the way it is desired.
Don’t – Don’t get into any conflicts at your work place, especially if there are obstacles connected with your knowledge or abilities or for that matter even your pregnancy you will have to be careful.

Makar – Relationships are important and you are caring towards them, as a result the overall pattern of happiness is stable for you which will help you immensely.
Day special – If you think that your loved ones are supportive towards you wholeheartedly then that is not actually the case, therefore you will have to understand the views of others so that you are able to maintain that harmony in personal life.

Kumbh – Personal life issues need to be addressed more carefully, for that you will have to become very mild in your thoughts as well as in your actions.
Do – Even in matters connected with work there may be deficiencies, if there are factors of reduction of your own performance then that must be addressed.
Don’t – Don’t therefore become too rigid in the form of self confidence, you will have to become mild to understand this overall game plan.

Meena – Your efforts are generally remarkable and supportive, but your knowledge and abilities must lead to the same level of performance which must be maintained with regularity.
Day special – Issues connected with personal life in home and family need to be addressed carefully, if there are differences then this will have to be removed so that peace and harmony is maintained the way you want.

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