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Monday, November 10, 2008

10th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

To draw the goodness of this period you have to understand the facts, profession or finances are not a cause for concern, but your own abilities and performance is getting reduced
Do – improve that performance and improve your mindset, that will come with the realization of facts
Don’t – don’t depend on luck for these things to improve, you will have to work hard towards it eventually
Very lucky and auspicious period and there is no cause for concern, but protect your finances as you are yourself keen to risk those, that is not required
Day special – indirectly you are putting your family stability also into risk, that must be avoided as your savings can be under pressure
Professional matters are stable but obstacles from colleagues subordinates and employees can be there, that is the result of lack of involvement from your side
Do – if you involve better others will also follow suit, that kind of example has to be set by your focus
Don’t – even in your studies don’t let the focus reduce because your mind is running here and there which is not helping your studies
Inherent pressures in home family and marriage are still there, even if you are mild some differences are likely to emerge
Day special – in marriage as well as in family you have to prove your goodness, only then others will start appreciating your view point
Differences are there because you are not in the right frame of thinking, as an attitude you have to be more at peace
Do – think rationally and that will help you, you have to be optimistic in life as that is important
Don’t – don’t under estimate the goodness of this period, it is generally very auspicious period which can help you immensely, but you have to help yourself with your positive thinking
Some love relationship can have inherent problems, that is the worry on your mind and this worry is valid
Day special – you are very keen to talk out your differences, but that may also not resolve the matters, hence you must keep patience
You are constantly thinking about financial gains, and those gains are available to you, but you are not satisfied with it
Do – the problem is on both the fronts, inflows may be lesser than expected and outflows are higher than expected, hence net result is causing pressure
Don’t – don’t make it a habit to have agitation of mind, that can even lead to minor differences of opinion connected with finances, don’t let that happen
Professional stability is well indicated, your positive attitude is now showing all over again,
Day special – your self confidence will further help you to take care of your professional weakness, and gradually that situation is likely to improve
Your own focus towards life and family will give you enormous gains, for that reason this becomes a very stable and lucky period from which you must take advantage
Do – differences of opinion connected with finances have to be controlled, even health needs to be taken care of as there are weaknesses
Don’t – don’t ignore the hidden factors connected with your thinking, you are not keen to trust others fully, don’t get into that negativity
You are creating obstacles for yourself, those are not needed as you are thinking too much
Day special – but the bigger issue is that you have to take more care of your career now, financial position is stable but still you cannot risk it under any situation
Financial prosperity is looking good, but you have to be supportive to others so that you take advantage
Do – the attitude of others is still negative towards you, that has to improve but for that you will have to work hard
Don’t – don’t ignore the divine blessing in this situation, it is a very lucky period to convert your situation to your advantage and happiness
Profession may be stable, but you are worried for the financial needs of your business, that is the indirect pressures which you are facing
Day special – the most positive aspect is that the period has become very lucky for you now, that will take care of many pressures which were there in the past, you have to take advantage of this goodness which has already started for you now

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