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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wednesday 26th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

With the help and support from others you can make this period very favorable for you, this can open up excellent opportunities and alternatives for you
Do – keep this positive attitude and you will gain immensely, for this you must remain helpful and supportive towards others
Don’t – in this goodness don’t be too stiff and rigid in your attitude, this can spoil relationship and this can cause stress and problems, don’t let that happen
Stressful periods as many obstacles can be there to upset your plans, even health issues can be one of those efforts which need to be protected
Day special – the best indication is for your career and for your family happiness, but health is an issue which needs lot of protection which you need to do, protect yourself from risking your money also at this stage
Some love relationship can be very rewarding and can lead to marriage, your own attitude is very positive and helpful in this entire effort
Do – your own attitude however is very critical, that can lead to differences of opinion and you seems to be in a fighting mood, that needs to be protected
Don’t – don’t underestimate the possibilities and opportunities which may be emerging for professional career, at least those need to be examined and analyzed, don’t ignore them if they have anything where your abilities may be recognized
Family issues and pressures can upset you, but as such your entire focus is not to resolve that and that is a weakness
Day special – you need to protect your family issues better, where as you are totally involved in your love relationship, some of you are more involved in your career, but whatever it is your family issues need better involvement
If you work hard then your education will progress better, and you are in a mood to work hard now, that will pave the way for your professional settlement
Do – this is a positive indication and you must benefit from this, the hidden fears and anxieties must be satisfied to gain from this situation
Don’t – indirectly certain health related pressures are causing many hindrances in your positive efforts, that needs to be cared for by proper investigation and treatment, don’t ignore that
If you are trying to invest in some property then this can be a very favorable period, your own efforts are targeted for improvement in your career
Day special – focus has to be home family or property and improvement on all these factors, this will be a rewarding effort if made at this stage
You are very focused to improve your overall stability in life, for which you are working hard and that is a good indication, even for your career you are trying your utmost
Do – this is a favorable situation because your own efforts are very positive, you will definitely gain from this effort
Don’t – you have to understand that in all this effort there is some amount of psychological uneasiness attached for you, this is made up in your mind and this is causing some minor pressures on you which can be in the form of mild setback, don’t let that happen
Changes alternative or expenses all are on your mind, this is a lingering factor which is causing some amount of stress on you
Day special – but you are likely to receive lot of help from others and financial inflows from far off places, that is a blessing which will help you at this stage
Financial prosperity will make you very happy, that will increase your self confidence and improve your overall sense of well being
Do – retain this positive attitude and remain helpful towards others, all other issues will start shaping up in due course
Don’t – On financial matters don’t have any kind of differences of opinion, even otherwise be very mild and pleasant to others, don’t ignore this astrological advice
You are very motivated to look for alternatives or change, this is a desire for change in career or your profession, everything seems very stable and auspicious
Day special – despite every thing stable you are not able to take the decision forcefully because you are stuck with your ideas and you are not able to think beyond that, need to reassess this situation
Excellent financial prosperity as nothing can be better than this, financial inflows will make you happy and god is kind to give you this indication
Do – the overall prosperity is reflected because of the strength of your career, routine pressures need to be avoided
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that you need to improve your performance and increase your knowledge, your responsibilities are increasing and you have to fulfill them, don’t ignore this need at this stage
Psychologically your pressures are more towards your career, but there is definite indication that you can stabilize this situation with your own hard work
Day special – the overall advantageous situation is such that you can resolve many issues, you have to keep your patience and be mild, these are minor hindrances which will not create any big upset

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