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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday 25th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are not happy with your business partners, but that is a thought made up in your mind, actually your supporters and well wishers are generally helpful towards you
Day special – if you keep your thinking optimistic then you will realize that there is nothing wrong, god is kind in many ways and that is showing in your overall well being, your boss may be against you because you are not performing up to your abilities
You have to blame yourself for some of the problems, where as you are trying to shift the blames to others, that is your own mistake at this stage
Do – there is need for you to improve your performance by removing doubts from your mind, that will make you see the other person’s point of view also
Don’t – don’t enter into any venture which may put your money into risk, hence depending on luck for this purpose can be dangerous, don’t do that
Many things are under control, but you are still not satisfied especially in your relationships,
Day special – monetary situation is stable and yet you are not happy, that makes you enter into arguments with others which are not required
If you have doubts for everyone around you then that will not make you happy, that is precisely what is happening, that is creating differences also
Do – you need to be more at peace at this stage, that will make your situation stable
Don’t – don’t enter into any arguments with your family members and especially with your spouse
Your own thinking can make you uneasy even to the extent of creating health problems, that is the foremost thing which you have to understand and resolve
Day special – generally you are thinking towards your family and career is stable, but you tend to have negative thoughts for no reason, especially connected with health, this can be a negativity which you have to remove
Your thoughts about your love relationships are correct, you are not trusting someone and that is precisely what you should do
Do – in fact it is not wise to get into any relationship at this stage, it is better to involve with your family and also devote time towards your career
Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that health is a lingering issue which is dependent on your own habits, if you are careless with your eating habits then it may lead to health upsets, don’t let that happen
If you wish to gain from some property then your expectations are too high, as such your financial prosperity is stable and undue expectations are not recommended
Day special – even on professional matters you are not satisfied, this is the overall pattern of your thinking which is making you negative in your attitude
Weaknesses are appearing because you are not able to devote as much time to your work as you wish, there are too many pressures on you and you are stressed also
Do – total involvement is required in whatever you do at this stage, diversion of mind will not lead to desired results
Don’t – now your expenses need to be controlled, otherwise they can cause and start putting more pressure which is not recommended, don’t let that happen
You are stressed on financial matters, but there is no need for that as this situation is stable,
Day special – as such your expenses are high and you have to be careful on that, more than anything also it is causing psychological unrest which needs to be controlled
Professional situation is such that you are motivated for change, but you have many doubts on your mind and you are not convinced with yourself, you must find out the real position
Do – acting in haste and taking decisions in haste is not recommended, hence you have to be careful especially on professional matters for taking any decision
Don’t – you are making lot of efforts to protect your overall auspiciousness in life, and you will be able to achieve that also, don’t let any hasty decision or mistake spoil that focus and stability
You are not convinced about far off options or linkages, for you the present stability in your life is more important and that is what you should accomplish
Day special – this is a stable and happy period which needs to be sustained and stabilized, good times must continue for which you should continue to prove your abilities
Your professional problems may have linkages with financial upsets, for that reason you are worried and stressed
Do – in favorable times your negative thinking can lead to reduction of that favorableness, that needs to be protected
Don’t – don’t ignore the factors of obstacles which are there for you at this stage, those can only be resolved with patience and with total involvement towards work, don’t ignore this fact

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