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Friday, November 28, 2008

Saturday 29th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are continuing to be uneasy and depressed, but circumstances are improving gradually and you will be happy, family related doubts and apprehensions have to be removed
Day special – luck is favoring you in progressing further in life, for that changes may be in the offing and your abilities may be recognized and appreciated
You are not able to perform as much as you can because you are thinking too much and thinking negatively, that one factor needs to be changed
Do – your own focus towards life has to be maintained, that includes not only taking care about your self and family but also taking care of your health
Don’t – don’t let you money be put into risk unnecessarily, that can lead to pressures and wastages, don’t let that happen
Pressurizing period for finances, you are not satisfied with the pace of things as they emerge,
Day special – you are depending on others for support and help, that may be available to you in abundance, but there may be a cost attached to that which has to be controlled
Your health is a concern which needs care, psychologically you may be under pressure but still not realizing the need for taking precautions
Do – even on family and financial matters you have to avoid any kind of differences, that can further put pressure on you which is not required
Don’t – don’t unnecessarily plan for travels or changes as there are inherent factors of obstacles in them hence don’t get into that
You are worried for someone who is away from you, that makes you stressed and uneasy, in relationships that factor is heavy on your mind
Day special – still your involvement with others is remarkable, for that reason you are getting lot of support from others which will make you happy
Your worries are indirectly connected with finances, but you own people and your loved ones will help you at every step of your life, that is the goodness which you carry
Do – stay connected with others and show the car for others, your career is progressing but obstacles have to be handled with patience
Don’t – don’t you are also thinking of changes travels or plans connected with far off places, don’t get into that at this stage as your health may not support that
You wish to achieve so much for which you are working hard, but you are not satisfied with your efforts or with the professional rewards
Day special – rewards are not important, your effort is, that has to be understood that has to be understood and that will lead to eventual prosperity in life, financial situation is stable
You are a bit worried about your financial position, but most of it is made up in the mind and there is nothing adverse as such,
Do – look at the positive side of life, pressures are there for everyone, but your pressures are being adequately met,
Don’t – don’t ignore the strength of your finances in any case, god has been kind to provide you for whatever you require, don’t forget to be thankful to god for that
You are confused and uneasy, these are psychological factors made up in the mind, gradually the situation will improve and you will be happy,
Day special – you have to learn to be more at peace with yourself, mentally you have to inculcate the habit of patience, that will eventually prove to be supportive in the days to come
You are not happy with your friends relations or even marriage, that indirectly creates uneasiness in your professional career also,
Do – you have to understand that many of these factors are created by you yourself, hence you have to accept the reality and only then you will be able to come out of this situation
Don’t – don’t you are also worried on account of some possible changes in your career. Don’t take any big decision without properly planning or assessing the situation carefully
Health is a concern and financial pressures are also there, but largely many of your needs are being met adequately and there will not be any big hassle
Day special – you worries about health can be real, hence that angle needs more care that anything else
Your own abilities are under pressures, it is a moment of test and challenge for you, for that you will have to involve better, especially in your profession
Do – your own involvement can actually bring benefit, but you have to side by side protect your self from difference of opinion especially from with your boss
Don’t – don’t there can be many factors which are not clear to you in some love relationship, hence don’t move on that path blindly as that can have its own pressures

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