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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

19th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal


You wish to improve your efforts to bring happiness and harmony in family and marriage, that is a very positive thought and you must make that effort,

Day special – in your efforts you are also constantly creating stress sand differences, that is because your attitude has become very firm, even with your boss you have to be careful


Relationships can be under stress as differences of opinion are emerging, you are yourself creating those mistakes which need to be controlled

Do – your effort should be actually targeted for improving your studies, that can benefit you and make your career

Don’t – don’t let your money be stuck in risky ventures, that can be very painful at this stage, don’t let that happen


You are somewhat worried about your relationships but rightly so because some pressures in relationships are likely to emerge now

Day special – generally you have excellent rapport with others, for that reason your career is also moving stable, you have to devote your energies for professional advancement now


Some travels or change of place is on your mind, that can upset the stability of your family and well wishers,

Do – you seem to be too rigid in your thinking, you need to take the advice of others on this important decision

Don’t – students must not ignore the realization that the time to work hard has come, it can be a very forceful period to prepare well as that will lead to your success


Financial situation is stable you are keen to even think in terms of some investment,

Day special – but more than that your involvement toward family will benefit you the most, as such stable period for relationships, but remove your stress


Gains from profession or business are stable, financial position makes you happy and that is very well indicated,.

Do – investment in property can be extremely beneficial, you must consider that option as that can lead to gains from this investment

Don’t – don’t have doubts on your own abilities, especially this can be helpful for students who must improve yourself confidence


Stable period, it is further improving in terms of financial prosperity, that is the result of focus towards your work

Day special – continue to have the commitment which you have towards life, but avoid differences in family at any cost and especially with your spouse


Weak period and tensions on account of finances is coming to an end, not a period is starting for you wherein you will gain from your profession

Do – luck will also start supporting you in a big way, that is the goodness which you carry and which will unfold for you now

Don’t – don’t be stressed with your routine issues especially in the morning, this is likely to change soon and change for the better


You are worried for career as well as for your married life, these are psychological tensions on your mind which are not required,

Day special – career matters are becoming weak and marital situation needs to be protected with mutual harmony, don’t let any differences of opinion emerge


Your partners or supporters will help you at this stage, this will further improve your professional situation especially your financial inflows

Do – shed the fears which you have connected with any kind of change or movement, that is part of life and one has to go through that

Don’t – don’t ignore the fact that a very promising and forceful period is emerging for your financial prosperity, that will make you very happy


You are worried for some love relationship as it is not proceeding in the manner in which you expect, but now a time is coming when your positive efforts can change that scenario completely

Day special – marriage partnership and professional prosperity all are indicated very well, the circumstances are changing soon and improving for you now, god is kind in many ways


Family circumstances have been weak and that has bothered you in the past but that situation is improving now gradually and you will be happy

Do – in any love relationship now is the time to go ahead to remove the obstacles, god will now help you in this regard as favorableness will emerge

Don’t – don’t get into any family related dispute at this stage, be very calm and don’t let any negativity emerge in this regard

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