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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thursday 27th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are constantly thinking about improvements in your career, actually professional and financial stability is intact
Day special – this is a period which indicates mental worries more than anything else, don’t get into any problems with your boss as that can adversely effect your career
Generally sable period for overall prosperity, family is supportive and love relationship is giving you happiness
Do – psychologically you have to adjust with the efforts which you are making, you are not satisfied with that and that leads to less than optimum performance
Don’t – don’t let your expenses increase as that is another way of loosing money, but you are yourself convinced to spend more, don’t let that happen
You are very worried for your financial matters, legal problems may arise or conflicts may be there
Day special – career is stable but changes in career are not recommended, similarly on financial matters some more patience is required as this situation is leading to problems and conflicts
Many sudden financial obstacles may crop up, for that reason you have to be careful, career is otherwise stable and there is no cause for concern
Do – from your side you have to keep lot of patience and improve your performance, that will support your professional growth
Don’t – don’t get into any family related or financial dispute at this stage, don’t also be unnecessarily depressed for factors or thoughts made up in the mind
Health related issues can bother you and that makes you unhappy, family is supportive like never before and that is a blessing
Day special – for business needs you may require funds, but you have to be careful in raising those funds as wasteful outflows have to be avoided, money will be arranged and that is not a problem
Travels changes or far of indications are available in your chart, but connected with those changes many obstacles will also have to be faced
Do – you have to devote some time for your children so that they do not adopt a wrong path, that carefulness is required
Don’t – don’t be unnecessarily stressed on the outcome of your efforts, hard work will pay eventually, don’t forget that
This is a very stable and auspicious period for many reasons, your own focus is excellent and your financial rewards are promising
Day special – but the only weakness is in terms of your career, just because you are thinking negatively this is not shaping up the way it should, change that attitude
Your own focus and hard work will bring you professional growth, your boss may be supportive of your efforts and that is a blessing
Do – luck may not support you as much as your hard work will, for that reason you have to keep a positive attitude as that only will help
Don’t – don’t be stressed on account of routine pressures, they will always be there as that is a reality, these routine pressures can also cause stress on you on account of financial matters
Despite your self confidence you are a little uneasy or depressed, but you have to keep a lot of patience and not get upset unnecessarily
Day special – god is kind in many ways and that will protect you, you must keep a very positive attitude at this stage as that only will help you, there can be some pressures on your career which needs careful handling
Your financial position is stable but still you should not risk that money unnecessarily, for that reason any pressure of changes in your profession should also be considered carefully
Do – be calm as that is very important at this stage, your own abilities may be under pressure for which you will have to perform better
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss as that can be a stressful situation, that needs to be handled better from your side
You have many thoughts about travels or changes on your mind, for that reason you wish to think about changes in career also
Day special – but you have to think of stability and goodness of these times, career is stable and financial position is very rewarding, any change must be for improvement and that carefulness has to be remembered
Care is need to handle your funds, but god is kind in many ways to protect you and that is a blessing
Do – professional career is stressful despite being stable, you have to handle the situation very carefully, your friends may not support you in the hour of need
Don’t – don’t ignore the views of your boss as that can be a dangerous situation, that can lead to unnecessary conflicts including financial problems, don’t let that happen

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