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Saturday, November 1, 2008

2nd November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Generally happy and auspicious period, but you have many apprehensions on your mind these can be connected with home family or marriage
Do – in any property related matter you must find out the facts before trusting anyone
Don’t – don’t spend too much to please others, even by spending you will not be able to please them
Your own mental make up is such that you are creating obstacles for yourselves, your own focus towards life is getting reduced and that can cause upsets
Day special – pressures connected with finances and marriage both are there, but this can be resolved by your own involvement which is lacking
You are not pleased with your financial situation, you are unnecessarily getting angry also
Do – from your side you are helping others and that is a good thing, but relationships are suffering because you are not speaking pleasantly with others
Don’t – don’t believe in hearsay, that can be unfortunate and can lead to obstacles, don’t let that happen
Health related issues because you are not taking care, but more than that the issues are made up in the mind which is causing uneasiness
Day special – you have to shed the dissatisfactions connected with travels or far off places, even you are mentally very uneasy
Love relationship seems promising, but your own desires are unfair which should not be pushed
Do – in any relationship honesty is the key word, if you do that you will be able to protect yourself from inherent obstacles
Don’t – don’t let anyone cheat you of your finances, even where you think that everything is stable there can be hidden problems
You are looking upto your own people for financial help, but that may not come in the manner you expect
Day special – generally your own people are very supportive, there is no problem with that, but your own thinking is the cause of problems as you are thinking negatively
Your focus and involvement for your performance is excellent, you are devoting time and involving well, but your expectations especially with your career are not being met
Do – you must continue your present focus and leave the rest to God, fulfillment of desires is not always possible
Don’t – don’t get into any kind of conflicts especially connected with monetary affairs, that will protect you in many ways
Luck may not support you in your financial gains, but you may be worried for some loss also
Day special – as such your expectations and needs are every high, those cannot be met fully and that is a reality which you have to accept
Psychologically upsetting period as you feel cheated, but still nothing is lost and many gains are in the offing
Do – from your side you remain optimistic, that is the goodness which you carry and that is a blessing
Don’t – don’t cause conflicts or agitation on your mind, that is not going to solve the problems, don’t get into conflicts under any situation
You may not be happy with your spouse or your partners, but many of these issues are mistakes from your own side
Day special – you will have to keep patience if you have to resolve these issues, it may take time but it is not adverse to your interests
Health related issues can aggravate, even some financial disputes can be in the offing which may make you stressed
Do – situations may be created around you which may create pressures on you, those need to be protected by your patience
Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that can lead to career related कोम्प्लिकाशन्स, proper investigations can reduce you unnecessary worries which are made up on your mind
There is pressure on your abilities which need to be improved, that can prove to be beneficial for your professional growth
Day special – with all this goodness your career can move forward further, a little carefulness and involvement can bring enormous gains, try to do that

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