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Monday, November 17, 2008

17th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Two factors will help you, your own focus and hard work and secondly the support you will get from your well-wishers including your spouse
Day special – that will make your destiny and that will prove to be beneficial to you, this is an auspicious situation to give you all kinds of gains
Your money may be involved in disputes, but you may yourself be keen to also create those disputes from your side
Do – this is not a very happy situation as you may be getting into more and more financial complications, this has to be avoided at any cost
Don’t – even you elders seniors or parents may not support your views, even in relationships and for that matter in some love relationships these differences may emerge, don’t let this complication arise
You are trying to help others and take that help in return, relationships can be very strong and satisfying, family happiness and marital situation is very favorable
Day special – your own abilities and knowledge will prove to be beneficial for your professional growth, for that reason your thinking is on the right direction
You are yourself creating many frustrations in your mind, that can lead to family issues and financial issues getting into differences of opinion
Do – from your side avoid creating these differences as that can have psychological frustrations in you
Don’t – don’t let your financial prosperity weaken because of your wasting money in worthless efforts, there is no reason to get into fights which will not give you anything in return
Professional angle and financial angle is dependent on your hard work abilities and performance, you are on the right track of your thinking, but marital happiness has to be protected
Day special – generally this is a happy period for relationships also, but inherent factors of obstacles are still there which need to be protected, you have to be optimistic in life
Very stable period in many ways, especially personal well being is very nicely placed and your home family and marriage will give you lot of happiness
Do – even in some business moves you stand to gain, but money may have to be invested back in business to sustain those gains
Don’t – don’t support your family like a business transaction, that can be unfortunate, don’t expect profits out of your involvement towards family
In your forceful efforts you are also causing differences with others, especially in professional matters you are not aware of the facts and that can cause differences
Day special – as such this is a positive effort from your side which must be continued, but your seniors or superiors must be given due importance in this regard
You are worried for your financial position, expenses are high and that fact bothers you,
Do – remaining stable is very essential at this stage, that only will protect your circumstances and fulfill your responsibilities
Don’t – don’t be stressed unnecessarily as that can lead to unplanned outflows, that must be protected
Your focus is towards your spouse and your spouse is very understanding towards you, that is the goodness which this period indicates
Day special – financial prosperity is indicated very well, even from sources where you did not expect you will still gain, don’t get into any kind of discussion with your boss, that angle must be totally avoided for several days ahead as you will not get anything favorable in return
Changes in career are on your mind, but you are stressed and at the same time rigid in your views, lot of careful thinking and planning is required
Do – take careful decisions, any decision should not be taken under pressure or on advice of others, that will make your stressed
Don’t – don’t let any differences or arguments get into your professional situation as that can be unfortunate, keep your views to yourself and don’t divulge your views without any reason
With your positive outlook you will be able to gain immensely, that includes gains from property and gains from knowledge
Day special – as such your professional situation is becoming very strong, boss is also supporting you like never before, you must take advantage of this favorable situation
Your personal life and family life requires lot of care, where as you are totally focusing on your career or business and ignoring your family
Do – focus towards family and marriage needs to be improved, indirectly that is causing upsets in your career also, that needs lot of care
Don’t – on account of these forces don’t create a situation which leads to differences of opinion, especially on financial matters and on expenses, don’t let that complication arise

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