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Thursday, November 13, 2008

14th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Period of gains and happiness, your attitude is turning positive and that is giving you the right path to move in life
Do – even from home family or property you stand to gain immensely, that is the goodness which this period provides
Don’t – don’t still be too rigid in your attitude, don’t also have doubts in others as this negativity must be avoided
Your own efforts will help you to move forward in life, but you are still making mistakes which can prove costly for your financial problems
Day special – your money may be stuck and you have to be careful in that, but your own positive hard work will improve your professional prospects and opportunities
You are risking your money as you tend to make decisions in your mind, in emotional affairs you wish to covert your desire into marriage
Do – financial prosperity is one thing, but risking it unnecessarily is not right, this is what you have to understand
Don’t – your relationships can actually bring happiness to you, but you are not convinced or satisfied with this goodness, don’t let this negativity overpower you
You are very focused towards your financial decisions, but that can lead to differences or conflicts connected with money, that is something which you need to protect
Day special – monetary issues are not fully clear to you, there are many hidden factors which are not to your advantage, that is where you have to think rationally
You wish to bring about major changes in your career, but the decisions should be based on your abilities and your circumstances
Do – your abilities and circumstances are all favorably placed, but there are too many hidden factors in your desire for change which also includes differences, you have to realize that
Don’t – despite your doing well in your career there are inherent factors of obstacles which are many, hence you cannot proceed without understanding this picture fully, don’t therefore risk the stability of your life
Excellent financial prosperity for you, your focus towards your personal well being as well as for your family is very well placed
Day special – professional pressures may be there, that requires your time and effort and a proper balance in life, your children need proper counseling and guidance at this stage
You are doing well in your career, but you are under pressure and stress, that pressure can be work related which is a positive indication
Do – when you get opportunity to work you should devote yourself fully, but in this effort you have to protect yourself from differences of opinion also
Don’t – don’t have false self confidence as that can create more obstacles for you, routine pressures and routine expenses can cause upsets, don’t let that happen
Very lucky period in many ways, people support you like never before, that improves your self confidence further
Day special – with this improved situation your work related pressures will also be removed soon, you are trying to be very caring towards your spouse and family but differences of opinion still persists
Weak period psychologically as you are very stressed, you are being too touchy and sensitive
Do – professional situation will start improving now, but as yet you are worried and not satisfied with that
Don’t – don’t be too stressed as many factors are not in your hands, these are the circumstances which are governed by outside forces, god's wish is always paramount, hence don’t be stressed
You are getting into some strong relationships, but side by side you can make mistakes for which you have to be careful
Day special – your abilities are reducing because your focus is getting lost, but you are not realizing it because of your own forcefulness and rigidity, that needs some kind of moderation
Health issues and family conflicts can be there, especially on financial matters you have to be very humble and careful
Do – there will be nothing against you, then why do you worry, keep your patience and don’t get agitated
Don’t – don’t be uneasy as there is no scope for that, career is stable and that will take care of everything else
Your own abilities will motivate you to perform better, that will improve your focus as well as your hard work, that will eventually make your destiny
Day special – it is a favorable situation for you to move ahead, luck is now supporting you to protect you in many ways, that is also a divine blessing

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