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Thursday, November 20, 2008

20th November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal


All kinds of stress on you, family related issues are making you dissatisfied, you are worried for your career, your relationships are showing cracks

Do – from your side you have to become very humble, only then you will be able to solve many of these issues

Don’t – don’t have lack of trust for others and for yourself at this stage, that will further complicate matters and reduce your work related performance, don’t let that happen


You are not fully satisfied with you own efforts, you think that you can do better and that is a reality also

Day special – but you are getting into unnecessary differences and problems, in fact you are yourself creating those problems, avoid that otherwise it may effect your health also


Some issues connected with finances bother you, for this reason it becomes a weak period, but professional angle is stable and you should focus towards that

Do – personal and family conflicts need to be resolved amicably, it discussion cannot help then take the help of others for resolving these issues

Don’t – don’t get into differences in family on account of financial matters, any thought or discussion connected with that must be postpone as it will not help


You are passing through a period of dissatisfactions and uneasiness, but your focus is gradually shifting towards relationship and you are not thinking of anything else

Day special – monetary issues require greater care, your money may be stuck or unexpected problems may crop up, avoid getting into that kind of problem


You may be worried for some loss, for that reason it is a weak period which must be controlled,

Do – if you are thinking of some property related investment then hold on for a while, consider your overall financial position

Don’t – don’t get into any kind of confusions or difference in your work place, for that matter lot of peace and patience is required


You are increasing your financial commitments and expenses, that can indirectly put pressure on you, even in your professional matters lot of obstacles are now appearing

Day special – to avoid those obstacles you have to understand the views of your boss, you are trying to involve in that but some how the circumstances are not favorable


Some worries connected with your performance and the resultant gains from profession can be there, you expectations are high and that is the cause for this concern,

Do – as such your financial position is stable, that is the goodness which you carry and which should make you happy

Don’t – don’t reduce the impact of happiness of these good times, just because you remain uneasy does not mean that you become pessimistic, don’t do that


It can be a lucky period in many ways, god is kind to give you the rewards of your hard work, your self confidence is well indicated and that is important

Day special – you still have many worries on your mind, but actually there is no need for those worries as the divine blessing is with you, you have to trust that goodness


Some hidden pressures are on you which leave you very worried, this period requires lot of care and patience,

Do – in whatever you do or think you have to understand its implications, that will protect you immensely

Don’t – don’t create any factors of psychological uneasiness on your mind, that is where you need to create lot of protection for yourself,


You are worried for your marriage and for the difference of opinion, but your own thinking has created that and you are yourself for that,

Day special – for that reason there can be pressures on your career also, the decisions connected with any kind of business partnerships must be considered carefully and not impulsively


Stress is appearing on account of various factors, health is one concern and business partner is another, in all this pressures and differences can emerge

Do – your attitude of being helpful to others is a very positive trait which you carry, as a result your professional situation is likely to be benefited with that

Don’t – don’t ignore your health as that is one factor which can bother you, there is nothing more important then health and hence don’t ignore this


Your abilities may be under pressure and that is another hindrance to the smooth flows of your profession, some financial worries is also leading to reduction in your performance

Day special – all these factors need to be improved to gain fully from this period, luck is highly favorable to you at this stage and career matters have to be protected from unnecessary pressures

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