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Saturday, November 22, 2008

22nd November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are unhappy, problems and disputes in some love relationship, even differences at work place
Do – you have to understand the situation, being too rigid in your attitude will not help
Don’t – don’t ignore your studies, students have to understand this, even those who are in job have to improve their knowledge and skills, don’t ignore that
Family issues and overall happiness is well protected, family marriage and even children will give you happiness
Day special – if you are in a love relationship then this is the most auspicious period for you, everything is going as per plan, career is stable and your focus is on the right path
This is period of wasteful efforts, even your hard work may get wasted or lost in worthless issues
Do – understand this situation and have a priority as to what you have to do, that will help
Don’t – don’t get into differences with friends as well as with family members, it is better to devote your time towards your career or towards your marriage
To improve the prospects of your relationships you are very motivated to discuss and convince others, your emotion can be very strong and your desires very pointed
Day special – this is a favourable situation for emotions and relationships, but stressful for financial matters which need better care
This is fine period for you to involve with family and draw happiness form that, even financial prosperity is intact and that will go into investments and financial asset creation
Do – career is stable and you will be able to show case your abilities well, but you have to be very humble to resolve any kind of differences
Don’t – family or property related matters need to be handled better, for that don’t ignore the viewpoint of others and to understand those views
You are thinking of travels or changes in life, they may seem promising but may have hidden obstacles in them, but you are very convinced and wish to move forward
Day special – this is a period to exercise caution and care, this is true even for some relationships which may have hidden pressures and differences of opinion
Very promising period for financial prosperity but you are worried for expenses or losses which you are facing,
Do – even in business situation financial prosperity can be stable, but similar pressures have to be controlled which include possible outflows
Don’t – in your attempt to move ahead there can he hindrances, they may seem mild but they can be there, don’t ignore that in your overall planning
Commitment towards career has to increase now, this is the beginning of a period of tremendous hard work and focus for professional advancement
Day special – for all this effort luck will now support you immensely, you can also gain by your being nice to others as that will give you success and happiness
All your efforts and thoughts are connected with far off distances, your career, your prosperity, and your emotions, all are taking a new direction now
Do – but you have to protect yourself from pressures of expenses losses or uneasiness
Don’t – don’t ignore the positive side of life, be optimistic as that can be helpful, your auspiciousness in life is dependent on how you conduct yourself, don’t ignore that
Financial position may seem strong but it has many hidden problems, you have to remain extremely cautions as it may have hidden problems,
Day special – this is a period to exercise utmost caution, expenses outflows or losses have to be understood before pushing yourself for any kind of unexpected gains
Your partners may be supportive apparently, but you have hidden apprehensions as routine issues can still bother you
Do – stay calm as you cannot do anything else, your handwork can actually help in your professional advancement
Don’t – don’t trust anyone blindly, this should be understood in a positive sense and not in a negative sense, this is to protect your overall situation from getting under pressure for which care has to be exercised
You have to protect yourself from differences of opinion on financial matters, this can be with partners and that is one cause for concern
Day special – everything seems perfectly placed but the hidden factors are pressurizing, you have to give importance to these factors to gain stability in life

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