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Monday, November 3, 2008

3rd November 2008, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Apparently stable period and you are happy, but hidden situations are not good and you are under pressure
Day special – in relationships you have to protect the harmony, take precautions that your savings are not put to any loss, even you marital situation needs lot of care
Weak period as many people may become against you, you are yourself getting into conflicts and that is not looking good
Do – protect your love relationship as it can lead to separation, even family situation needs lot of care
Don’t – with your negative thinking don’t put your marriage into risk, from your side you are trying for that, don’t let that effort reduce
Some loss can lead to obstacles for you but your professional position is very stable to protect you at this stage
Day special – your beloved may be away and that is causing lot of unrest on your mind, physical distance can lead to mental distances also, for that reason you involvement has to be better
Very stable and auspicious period in many ways, your studies can progress well and that will make your destiny
Do – but you are afraid of competition, that thought has to be removed as you have the ability to perform well
Don’t – don’t have worries connected with your financial position, there is lot of protection in that and you will gain eventually
Your own hard work will bring prosperity and happiness in life, that in turn will improve the prospects for some love relationships to blossom
Day special – all this goodness is leading to your financial prosperity as well, but you have to improve your own focus towards life and towards others to gain fully form this situation
Generally very auspicious period as luck favors you immensely, this will lead to overall prosperity including financial stability
Do – gains from career are improving, that will motivate you further to work hard
Don’t –dependence on luck can lead to pressures on your finances, for that reason don’t get into any risky venture
Your personal involvement and abilities will give you the rewards, that is in the form of accumulation of wealth
Day special – in this overall period of goodness you have to protect yourself from differences of opinion, some mild obstacles can lead to differences which need to be protected
Financial prosperity is stable but expenses are staring in your face, but the goodness is that your spouse will be very supportive towards you and understating
Do – routine pressures are many and you have many things to do, a lot of planning has to be made to reduce your pressures
Don’t – on one hand your career is moving slow and on the other hand you are very confused, don’t let these weaknesses increase
Be stable and calm as this is a stressful period, you are in a conflicting mood and that is not going to help
Day special – even luck is not supportive at this stage, but your own self confidence and conviction will see you through in these troubled times
Gains from career can be immense, professional stability is very well indicated
Do – your are every inclined for some change, but you have to plan well before taking a decision
Don’t – don’t let differences creep into your work place, as such your responsibilities are high and you have to devote towards that also, hence don’t ignore these pressures
Very auspicious period for personal and professional prosperity, family happiness and financial strength makes this period very strong
Day special – luck is supportive in many ways, your career is moving very well and that will give you gains eventually
Obstacles will continue, even luck may not support you but you are depending on that and that is not required
Do – your focus has to be your work and nothing else, that is your strength and all other things are irrelevant
Don’t – don’t complicate the situation by any financial involvement, in fact financial angle has to be postponed for a while to maintain stability in life, don’t ignore this important aspect

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