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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday 24 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You will have to control your wastages as that can impact you negatively, it can increase your stress as well as pressures in work & financial spheres
Do – Keep lot of patience & control your expenses, even taking any big decisions will have to be postponed
Don’t – Don’t show any ups & downs of your own behavior as that can impact you negatively, you can actually depend on others so that your differences are controlled
Vrish – Work related situation may be stable but you need to exercise more care, especially on financial investments you have to be careful that your money is not put into any risky venture
Day special – Any kind of stress or confusion created by your own thinking is to be avoided, in fact you have to become milder in your approach so that you do not get into any kind of differences or conflicts with your own people
Mithun – You have to connect with your own people to draw the goodness of this period, for that reason your own motivation must remain high and your involvement will help you enormously
Do – Work is important and lot of regularity is required in that, even funds may be needed to take your business forward and that requirement has to be met
Don’t – Don’t forget that constant hard work is the key to your success, you have enormous abilities and those have to be used and utilized in the right direction
Karka – Problematic situations will motivate you to work hard and to involve better, especially on matters connected with communicating with others or discussing your issues many solutions may emerge
Day special – Luck is generally favoring you and there is nothing adverse, but irregularity of your thoughts & actions can lead to differences with others which need to be avoided
Simha – You are yourself responsible for many situations which are being created now, you are not able to control your anger or your spoken word which can be harsh at this stage
Do – Psychologically you have to control your outflows as well as your expressions, even being too nice to others in a philanthropic manner may cause harm only to you
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships also have an appropriate time, this period is not suitable for relationships to be carried to the next level and therefore you will have to be very mild in your approach
Kanya – Your desires are very intense and you want to fulfill your desires at any cost, for that reason you are even trying to take the help & support of people around you so that you are able to fulfill your desires
Day Special – Your elders may support you only marginally, because they have to consider many aspects and your own likings is not enough for any decision making, a lot of carefulness is therefore needed before you can expect any great achievements
Tula – You may be thinking of many changes or bigger changes, but in the process you are creating lot of stress, pressures & even losses for yourself
Do – Health is to be cared for and that is essential, far off linkages may be fruitful but lot of careful planning is needed on that
Don’t – Don’t let your own efforts get reduced in any manner, even if there are differences of opinion you have to perform fully and whole heartedly
Vrishchik – Your own efforts are remarkable and you will be benefited with that, even rewards from your work are increasing which will depend on how much you are able to devote yourself towards your efforts
Day special – Your abilities must shine now as that is important, your own image can take a big jump if you plan your moves fruitfully
Dhanu – Abundantly good period in many ways, family life is warm & happy as well as your own motivation is high
Do – This very motivation needs to be taken forward in future also, you have to start considering the fact that regularity in your work is the key to your future success and you must remember that
Don’t – Don’t have any unstable thoughts or ups & downs of your own behavior, maintain your goodness & maintain it with regularity, you have that goodness in you which needs to be carried forward for future as well
Makar – Generally lucky period and your financial position is also stable on that count, but some care with boss is still needed and that can be achieved with a little bit of effort
Day special – If you continue to be positive in your efforts and in your work then lot of goodness is shaping up, especially on luck supporting you and your work touching greater heights you will be benefited
Kumbh – Issues with boss need to be controlled very carefully, for that reason any big changes need to be handled with lot of careful planning
Do – Financial position may be stable and may make you happy, but any kind of decision which reduces that stability is not good for you
Don’t – Don’t have any doubts about the intentions of your friends, they are generally helpful and supportive to you in many ways, your lack of trust for them is reducing that goodness
Meena – You must remain supportive towards others, even by creating some kind of expense or pressure for yourself you still may have to do that
Day special – Your boss or people who are important must be cared for, this is very essential to remove the uneasiness and differences of opinion which are going on and which need to be controlled, that carefulness will help you eventually

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