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Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday 13 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are getting frustrated because your expenses are high or your losses are mounting, that is why you are feeling dejected as you are not able to do anything about it
Day special – Largely this is a factor in which your goodness is also not giving its proper results, you are trying to help others but you are not getting similar response in return to your goodness
Vrish – There are disagreements in home, family or in marital life, that is why you are getting into pressures or dissatisfactions
Do – One reason is that you are being too forceful in your attitude, but there is another complicating factor in which your own thinking is negative on account of which you are not able to appreciate other person’s point of view
Don’t – Don’t therefore make your efforts in a directionless manner, you will have to be pointed in your approach to understand as to what others expect
Mithun – Health can be a factor and disagreements in love relationship is another issue which is complicating your situation, work is stable but there is irregularity and inconsistency especially from your partners
Day special – All this can be controlled if you do not get into financial complications, especially in discussions you will have to keep lot of patience and not get into conflicts
Karka – God is kind generally and there is no big or adverse situation, but there are factors connected with personal life which are complicating especially if there are marital issues
Do – You are not happy with your performance or with your skills, you will have to use or utilize that fully in your work and that is where the weakness lies
Don’t – Don’t depend on luck unnecessarily, that can be a frustrating situation as sudden upsets can be there
Simha – There are many upsets in some love relationship for which you are very frustrated, as a result you are getting into conflicts or you are losing your temper which is not going to help
Day special – Your rigidness has played its own role in creating this situation, you will have to become very mild & humble towards others, especially in matters connected with your own people you will have to be very polite
Kanya – You are looking up to your own well wishers for their support, but that support is coming in bits & pieces and not fully or half-heartedly
Do – Your concerns therefore lie in the fact that relationships have to be carried forward, you want to discuss your matters and resolve your issues without any delay
Don’t – Don’t forget that by being too rigid you are getting away from your own people, that is not going to resolve your issues and therefore you will have to keep a very mild approach, getting frustrated is not going to resolve your issues
Tula – On one hand your own efforts are somewhat reduced, on the other hand if you do not trust your own abilities you will get into more & more pressures which are showing
Day special – Even in matters connected with money you have many pressures or outflows attached to it, there are wastages which you are not able to control, especially those wastages which are connected with your own people you are not able to do anything about it
Vrishchik – Some love relationship may resurface but it is giving you more of unhappiness rather than any conciliation, it is therefore better not to get into it as momentary happiness can lead to long period of frustration
Do – You have many things to resolve at this stage, relationships is possibly the last thing which is on your mind and therefore you are confused
Don’t – Don’t forget that routine issues & factors will have to be resolved on day to day basis, now at least financial situation will start becoming better which will resolve your frustrations very soon
Dhanu – Home & family is important and you may have to go away from them, that is making you uneasy and dissatisfied also
Day special – Certain decisions are essential in life even if they are at the cost of going away from your own people, still lot of peace & patience will have to be maintained to overcome the uneasiness which you may carry at this stage
Makar – Your financial dissatisfactions appear on account of the fact that you have uncontrolled outflows, even factors connected with travels may take away lot of peace as there can be instability in that
Do – Lot many things have to be still planned as far as your work is concerned, but you may be undecided about some investment which is needed and that is where the pressure lies
Don’t – Don’t think of taking any loan as yet, its utilization may not be proper at this stage and therefore you may have to wait
Kumbh – Financial position is stable and will make you happy, it will also help you to be nice to others in whatever you speak or think
Day special – Your overall professional situation is becoming remarkable, you will have to only control your impulsive thoughts and self-created mistakes
Meena – Your overall stability & goodness is intact, you may blame your luck for many small things but still there is protection as you proceed
Do – However you may have to refrain from getting into any risky ventures especially connected with matters where your money may get into problems, there are hidden factors which may not work to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t let any instability appear in your work, lot of hard work and regularity is required on day to day basis which will bring the goodness as you expect, this period is supporting that regularity now

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