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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thursday 16 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you have the ability but you are not having the self confidence to convert that into performance, that is why you are worried and blaming your luck
Do – there is need for you to be stable in your efforts, instability of thought or actions which will actually harm you more than anything else
Don’t – don’t therefore also plan for anything big at this stage, there is need for you to understand others and take their advice
Vrish – you may not be happy with your savings or with your monetary situations, but these are thoughts made up in your mind in which your expecting more than what is required
Day special – overall situation may be stable, even financial situation is to your advantage, there is need for you to avoid taking risk with your money
Mithun – you have to depend on others and do that whole heartedly, you also have to trust your own abilities and bring about goodness which you can
Do – your sensitiveness is the culprit at this stage, that is where you have to protect yourself so that it does not effect your work situation
Don’t – don’t also doubt your supporters well wishers or partners, their may be issues but it is not something which may drastically harm you,
Karka – lot of protection is needed to avoid your wastefulness, that can convert into losses and that is where your goodness can be lost
Day special – health is another issue which needs to be handled carefully., especially on the factors of psychological uneasiness your own mental makeup ma led to those health problems
Simha – money may stable but you may still be dissatisfied, the reason is that you want to do so much more for others and especially to please someone whom you like
Do – relationships have hidden factors which are not stable, that is why the best is not emerging as much as you want,
Don’t – don’t forget that this is a favorable period which has nothing adverse, you must not let your own goodness get reduced or your self-confidence get spoilt
Kanya – if you are not happy with your work then you are bound to look for alternatives, but this is a period which is not right for taking any such big decision
Day special – you may have to depend on your own people for guidance, your elders may provide that help to you to take the right decision which you are not able to take
Tula – you may blame luck for many things but luck is actually helping you to take you forward, the problems lies in misunderstandings which you are creating for yourself for others
Do – financial situation is stable and has to be conserved for future, your own wastefulness may take over which needs to be avoided
Don’t – don’t therefore take decision with your heart, that is where you may go wrong and make loss for yourself
Vrishchik – many hidden factors are there which are not helping you or supporting you, that is why there are ups and downs of thoughts connected with money
Day special – many favorable situations may emerge with the goodness which this period has in store for you, developments in the coming days may resolve your issues to a large extent
Dhanu – personal interaction in life is very important, you have to appreciate the views of others so that your peace of mind is retained,
Do – family need shave to be met, for that you have to remain very polite to understand as to what is there for you to accomplish
Don’t – don’t let your own sensitive ways make you stressed, there is need for you to remain optimistic
Makar – health factors need to be assessed, travels or changes may make you worried, psychologically if you remain upbeat then you will see goodness in every situation,
Day special – especially in matters connected with work situation is improving very fast, that is where your focus must remain connected
Kumbh – relationships are not as strong as you would like them to be, your thinking of many things which worry you or depress you,
Do – your own support system is weakening and may not be there for all times, that is why your worries are likely to increase, you have to do something for that
Don’t – don’t still forget that luck is helping you at every step, there is nothing as drastically wrong and therefore patience needs to be kept,
Meena – you may be very caring for your own people, your home and family, those worries are there are on your mind which are affecting your work situation adversely,
Day special – lot of balance is required to maintain stability in your work, that weakness can harm you and your boss may remain against you

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