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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday 5 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You will have to fight the negativity in you, you have to avoid getting into differences or conflicts
Week special – By little bit of effort your attitude is going to become positive, you will see goodness in people and want to be associated with them
Vrish – Many changes are on your mind which you wish to push forward, you have the ability to turn the tide in your favor and that will bring happiness to you
Do – Your efforts are remarkable and your focus is pointed, that will make you work hard to prove yourself
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in your attitude as it can lead to differences with others, and as the week progresses you may get into difficulties with this rigidness only, lot of protection is needed
Mithun – You are being too forceful in what you speak, that is causing stress & pressures in your home & family, the goodness of this period is therefore getting reduced
Week special – You wish to enjoy life and you want to be happy, but these factors of stress & irritants in your personal life need to be controlled, stay connected with your own efforts & performance and that goodness will pay
Karka – This period may be motivating you to do so much more in life, but there are constant obstacles which you are facing and those are not looking good
Do – The goodness in terms of financial prosperity is abundant, that is giving you a lot of self-confidence but you are not realizing the undercurrent of problems which are continuing
Don’t – Don’t therefore let this firmness turn negative for you, especially in what you spend, speak or communicate you will have to remain stable & firm in your views
Simha – Health is a factor which is being neglected, certain issues are there on account of which stress is continuing and discussions are becoming heated
Week special – If you maintain the kind of thinking which you have then you are going to increase your problems, you will have to become very mild to understand the views of others, only by mid-week these issues may be resolved
Kanya – This is a weak period in many ways, on one hand you are not able to control the pressures of your life, on the other you are creating stress & loss for yourself by your own rigid ways
Do – Become very mild as that is the only answer to this situation, by doing so you can even protect the stress which you carry in some love relationship
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial angle is remarkable, that will give you the happiness which you want & expect,
Tula – Wastages may continue for a while, but at least as the week progresses your financial position may even become better
Week special – Your focus towards your work is remarkable and that has to be given its due importance, that will pave the way for financial prosperity & your self-confidence to grow
Vrishchik – Luck is supporting you to resolve your issues which have been bothering you for a while, they may include matters connected with home, family or property and you may be benefited
Do – Your own goodness must reflect in this period, you have to take steps to complete the pending issues which are there
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related circumstances are remarkable, they will give you the rewards & benefits like never before,
Dhanu – Your abilities will have to be sharpened slowly & gradually, but that can happen only if you remain very positive in your views and look forward with optimism
Week special – Psychologically you may not be at your best, but circumstances are not adverse and God is helping you in many ways, financial prosperity is one of those factors which will please you
Makar – You will have to connect with others to draw the goodness which this period shows, you may even be keen to find emotional satisfaction with linkages of work in which relationships may grow
Do – Your financial prosperity is going to improve now, your resolve to connect with others will bring you that prosperity even further
Don’t – Don’t make your own involvement & efforts unstable, regularity is very important for you to achieve success
Kumbh – As far as your own decisions are concerned you will have to plan more carefully, being firm in your views is a good thing but sometime may create differences also
Week special – Your own involvement has to be in the right direction, having diverse views and thinking of so many things at the same time is not going to help
Meena – Financial prosperity is intact and you will be happy with it, some amount of outflow or wastage is also inbuilt which you will have to control
Do – Some love relationship is becoming stronger, you want to communicate & convey your views in that regard
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people and your family may have indecision on their mind about your thoughts, for that reason some amount of differences is likely to be there, that has to be handled also

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