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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday 23 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking a bit too rigidly and becoming too egoistic, that is why you are getting into difficulties yourself which is causing problems
Day special – Work is suffering, financial pressures are increasing & relationships are suffering, each step needs very careful handling and that is what is required
Vrish – Your goodness is abundant and you can take your life to new heights, that is why your hard work is showing at this stage and you are being benefited abundantly
Do – There is need for you to use your knowledge in the right direction, for that reason you must take the help & advice of others which includes your family members
Don’t – Don’t show instability of your financial decisions, don’t also be too rigid to think that what you are thinking is the right thing
Mithun – Mixed period as there are factors which are good & bad, while there are obstacles in personal life there is also protection which will help you also
Day special – The help & support comes with your own involvement, God helps those who help themselves, that is why this period is overall supportive & auspicious for you
Karka – This period may have stress & problems for you, but it is motivating you enough to communicate with others and to benefit from inter-linkages with others
Do – Happiness is abundant if you remain stable, your thinking is very positive and that is the goodness which you carry
Don’t – Don’t ignore your health as that is where the problems may lie, don’t forget that money needs to be planned carefully otherwise your savings may get into difficulties
Simha – You may be keen to raise loans to fulfill your needs, but your lack of planning can actually lead to some wastages also
Day special – For that reason certain obstacles are inherent, you cannot possibly depend so much on your so-called well wishers who may not be as supportive
Kanya – While relationships are important on your mind you have many factors to address, there are pressures as well as problems which you will have to face on day to day basis
Do – Connect with others and depend on others, appreciate the views of others and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t forget that on day to day basis you may be making mistakes, that is why the need to take each step carefully is very essential
Tula – The goodness of this period is getting reduced because of your firm & egoistic behavior, you have to become very mild to sustain the goodness which you have achieved over a period of time
Day special – For that reason you have some amount of false self- confidence, even on matters connected with health you are ignoring the fact and thinking that everything is right
Vrishchik – Financial gains are possible and your goodness will help you abundantly to achieve those factors, lot of peace & patience is required and unstable thoughts will have to be removed
Do – Be pleasant & nice to others, speak politely & pleasantly and your goodness will appear
Don’t – Don’t forget that some amount of loss has to be accepted as a reality, therefore it is essential to take each step forward with care and with determination
Dhanu – Your own abilities are shining and your hard work is showing, luck is also side by side favoring you so that your auspiciousness is maintained over a period of time
Day special – Psychologically you have to connect with your own people and your family, that is very important because you can as a result find happiness which you actually deserve
Makar – Your own involvement in life is making this period very lucky for you, if you forget the routine factors of stress & problems you will see that this is a motivating period
Do – Motivation has to be maintained with regularity, ups & downs in that will not help in any way
Don’t – Don’t ignore the critical nature of your boss at every step, today the situation may be helpful, but the underlying factors of uneasiness will also have to be addressed simultaneously
Kumbh – Ignoring wastages is planning for trouble, if you have to get the support from people around you then you have to support them and understand their views
Day special – Financial angle is a blessing and will protect you, inflow of money will be easy and people may come forward to give you that to fulfill your needs
Meena – You are going out of the way to understand the needs of others and that is going to help you, more than anything else that will help you to resolve your differences with others
Do – Your own forcefulness is showing, your own abilities are shining, all this goodness is a blessing
Don’t – Don’t still forget that very stable thinking is required, ups & downs of your own thoughts or actions can reduce the goodness, have trust in others and show that trust fully, you will be benefited

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