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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday 9 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be very focused to study hard and gain abundant knowledge, this is for the purpose of settlement in life and making your career, but you are stressed psychologically whether it can be accomplished
Day special – In matters connected with your efforts there are too many issues involved, differences of opinion are there and lack of trust for yourself is there, that is also leading to some stress & differences of opinion
Vrish – You are thinking very positively for your own people and your family, you want to get lot of support from them for your views & desires
Do – You are being a bit too firm in your approach, you want to take big decisions and you are pushing your own people too hard
Don’t – Don’t let any situation arise where disagreements may emerge, for that reason you have to remain very humble and try to understand the other person’s viewpoint also
Mithun – Your focus is remarkable and you will be benefited with that, with this kind of committed thought process you can achieve just any thing in the world
Day special – Your abilities are shining and you are able to take your life forward, your positive thinking will help you to overcome some normal obstacles which may be there, hence there is nothing to worry, relationships will give you lot of happiness, work related issues are stable, the overall pattern is supportive
Karka – You are very focused to improve your communication with others, you are going out of the way to help others and understand their views
Do – This period is also motivating you to work hard and to earn well, that will lead to a lot of happiness in the process which you must achieve
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that you have to handle many things to your advantage, for that reason you have to protect yourself lest some one cheats you of your money
Simha – This period is motivating you and giving you a lot of self-confidence, your ability to communicate with others is remarkable and will give you financial advantage also
Day special – In raising your resources or improving your financial position you will have to discuss your matters very carefully, otherwise those very factors can be used against you to cause a disadvantage to you, protect yourself from that
Kanya – You are being too firm in your approach and that is why you may be harming your own interests, for that reason any big decision connected with your work also needs to be taken very carefully
Do – Money is on your mind and that is the deciding factor for you, you will have to therefore be very careful as decisions cannot be based on monetary considerations alone
Don’t – Don’t think that you are alone, you have abundant support of your own people and your supporters, but you should be prepared to take that support in a positive manner
Tula – You are considering various options and various alternatives, that can prove to be advantageous to you in gaining money and in improving your overall financial situation
Day special – Certain decisions connected with changes or travels will have to be taken very firmly, otherwise you may be inclined to change those very thoughts and change your own opinion at a later date, that should be avoided
Vrishchik – Your thoughts about your work are very pointed and you are very focused to work hard for that, that is the reason that the goodness is available to you in abundance and you are able to handle your routine pressures as well
Do – Regular effort needs to be made, your own abilities must be used in the right direction, that is important
Don’t – Don’t be too rigid in your thoughts or in your approach, don’t therefore think that whatever you think is right, that is not the right way to look at the circumstances at this stage
Dhanu – Luck is favoring you & supporting you immensely, your work related situations are also becoming better and giving you long term options for future
Day special – This period is indirectly guiding you to take your future steps in the right direction, that is the goodness with which this period is placed and you must take advantage of all those positive thoughts
Makar – You are stressed on many factors, you are not able to get along with people as you are getting into routine kind of differences as well
Do – Work related matters may seem to be stable, but psychologically you are stressed on account of various issues or matters which are going on your mind
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore all these factors, try to understand the root cause of these factors, don’t let any one talk ill of you at your back
Kumbh – Your supporters & well wishers are trying to help you & guide you, even relationships are becoming strong & vibrant but you are worried whether you can resolve all those obstacles which are there before you
Day special – Psychologically you may have to be at peace, only then your issues can be handled one at a time, that is important to understand
Meena – You have to protect yourself from various pressures which you are creating for yourself, with your partners, your supporters or even your well wishers, your own thinking is becoming negative
Do – Look at the favorableness of this period, side by side understand that there are pressures which have to be resolved, but that must be done carefully and decisively
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the ability and that is the biggest thing to have, you can take care of all these pressures with your own goodness & determination, that is important

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