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Monday, September 6, 2010

Tuesday 7 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are trying to take some relationship seriously but you are worried whether you are on the right path and on the right efforts, it is more of a problem of your worries rather than any weakness in the relationship as such
Day special – Differences may emerge repeatedly for which you will have to be careful, but the strength of the period will also show in terms of your own goodness to improve and that is a remarkable situation, you must therefore improve your own focus & performance side by side as the period is supportive for that
Vrish – You may not be happy with your savings and that is why your investments are not taking shape as you desire, but your interest to create some financial assets is a remarkable thought which will help you to plan your finances for future
Do – Stay connected with your own people and you will be benefited, in family relationship or in marital relationship you will have to protect from getting into stressful situation
Don’t – If you are a student then don’t show any instability or diversions of your mind towards your studies, that can be dangerous, for that reason if you have to move away from your own people it can be to your advantage
Mithun – You have the ability to work hard but you are also a bit uneasy as to whether you can accomplish it, it is more of a lack of trust for your own hard work which is bothering you at this stage
Day special – Largely I can see that it is a good period for you, in terms of motivation and in terms of hard work this can guide you to move on the right path and to benefit from this effort
Karka – Wastages are on your mind and that is why financial position is worrisome, despite goodness you are not able to plan properly and that is where the problem actually starts
Do – Psychologically you may be very aware of whatever is happening, but practically you are not able to resolve those routine issues on day to day basis which require greater care
Don’t – Don’t therefore let the goodness of this period get spoilt, major decisions or changes cannot be altered repeatedly by you at this stage
Simha – Your financial position is stable but psychologically you are not as satisfied with that, your self-confidence is high and not in the right direction
Day special – You decide something in your mind and then wish to move forward for that, that is the reason that you are not able to plan properly by rational thinking and you have many thoughts bothering you all the time
Kanya – Worries about work & career can be there, more importantly it is the routine kind of stress and desire for change which bothers you more than anything else
Do – Look at the goodness in any situation, in your present situation you have the rewards from your work which is a remarkable thing, obstacles will have to be faced, goodness is abundant but mind is totally diverted, you will have to find a rational balance to think in a stable manner
Don’t – Don’t forget that gains cannot be flittered away unnecessarily, you have to conserve and save for which this period is supportive
Tula – Luck may favor you but you are also blaming luck unnecessarily, just because many things happen and you don’t sustain that goodness you try to blame luck
Day special – This is a strong & stable period for all prosperity, psychologically if you remain optimistic & peaceful you can actually increase this goodness manifold
Vrishchik – You are worried because you think that someone may harm you at your back, routine stress is continuing and there are too many factors bothering you in your work
Do – Goodness still is that you have the ability and you are using it to your advantage, that is the strength which you have to remember and be thankful to God also
Don’t – Don’t let your expenses on your pleasures increase, because there are some wastages attached to it which you will not be able to control, that is where some care is required
Dhanu – You may be carrying lot of uneasy thoughts for various people around you, that is why in goodness also you are a bit stressed
Day special – You will have to remove all these thoughts of uneasiness which you carry, look at the goodness which God has provided and you will be satisfied that everything is under control
Makar – Some differences of opinion are bound to be there, but you will have to remain peaceful and not get into any kind of conflicts,
Do – Even if you carry uneasiness in your mind you cannot show it at this stage, you will have to show the goodness and abundant optimism to others as that is your strength at this stage
Don’t – Don’t forget that career is shaping up beautifully now, other issues of psychological nature will also start shaping up slowly but surely, for that have patience
Kumbh – In relationships you may have several doubts on your mind, but your intensions are good and you are trying to build that goodness also around you especially in relationships
Day special – Largely personal life will have to be understood very rationally, there is lot of goodness in it which will benefit you, normal stresses of life will have to be ignored as part of life as they cannot be allowed to spoil your stability
Meena – Your own negative thinking can create stress in your personal life, ups & downs on that have been continuing for a while and they can convert into conflicts also
Do – You may have abundant goodness but in that also there are factors of instability, you are not able to maintain that goodness for others as much as you should
Don’t – Don’t therefore stress yourself psychologically, that can lead to pressures in personal life as well as in some love relationship, that is where a lot of protection is needed from your side for which you may have to postpone whatever stressful situation comes at this moment

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