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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuesday 28 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have very firm views, on account of that you want to take big decisions about money or for that matter planning of money
Do – There is need for you to become mild in your approach, that will help you to understand the others’ viewpoint in work and in finances
Don’t – Don’t get into problems or conflicts at any stage at this moment, whether connected with work or finances or for that matter with boss or people who are important, you need to avoid any differences or conflicts
Vrish – You want to carry the support of your family for any decisions in your life, in taking your studies forward or in taking your relationships forward
Day special – There is a slight angle of your pushing others too hard so that they follow what you are thinking, you wish to impose your views on others so that they support you & indirectly you are being too rigid, there is need for you to moderate that
Mithun – Your positive efforts in creating harmony in your personal life is remarkable, you are aware that there are obstacles at every step which need to be controlled
Do – This is a motivating period in many ways and you have to take advantage of that, but you will have to remove the apprehensions from your mind
Don’t – Don’t create any financial loss for yourself as a result of this thought, be nice to others and you can achieve what you wish to
Karka – Financial planning is very important and you will be benefited, for that reason you will have to discuss your matters or communicate with others and many things can be resolved
Day special – As a result your personal life happiness is intact, you will be happy to plan well for any kind of investment or for taking care of your own people
Simha – You wish to arrange funds and there can be many sources for that, your efforts is one positive source which will augment your resources
Do – You can also plan to take loans to fulfill your professional needs, as such financial position is becoming stable
Don’t – Don’t enter into arguments wherever differences are there, especially in personal life or in marital life you will have to be careful
Kanya – Some kind of stress is there despite the fact that everything may apparently seem to be all right, hidden factors show your outflows and losses and as a result your agitation on account of that
Day Special – Your own goodness can be achieved if you discuss your matters and be very pleasant towards others, the moment you become angry everything will become against you, protect yourself from that
Tula – You are creating outflows or losses for yourself on routine basis, that is where your lack of planning is evident
Do – On work related matters also you are creating lot of pressures for yourself, if you handle your situation peacefully then you will realize that patience should be the key word at this stage
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too rigid in your approach, by doing that you will be able to protect yourself from unnecessary pressures & losses as well
Vrishchik – Luck is favoring you abundantly and you are happy, work related inflows are stable and you are able to arrange your finances very well
Day special – Outflows are also high and they are bothersome, but that is an essential expense in the form of investment or asset creation for which you are happy and motivated
Dhanu – Luck is favoring you to take your efforts forward, and your involvement is showing in whatever you are trying to do at this stage
Do – Protect yourself from psychological ups & downs which you are facing at this moment, life has to take its own course for which you will have to accept many things
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is intact but outflows are also high, but overall situation is beneficial and you will have to take those steps forward with optimism and you will be benefited
Makar – Generally luck period as many things are under control, you are even getting the auspiciousness in relationships and the obstacles are also turning to your favor
Day special – Work is moving stable and you are happy, your efforts are somewhat stable and there is scope for improvement in that
Kumbh – Some amount of stress in personal relationships is showing, psychologically you are getting into that agitation mode which is not right
Do – Your own mistakes are more than what the circumstances are creating, you will have to become mild so that these problems do not surface
Don’t – Don’t forget that on matters connected with home & family you have a blessed situation, that is also linked with your own involvement which can cover many weaknesses at this stage
Meena – Many issues are surfacing which have connections with your partners and your financial problems, despite your goodness you are not able to communicate or convey what you honestly believe
Day special – Your positive efforts also therefore may go waste and that is where the problem is, you have to therefore understand that & avoid any conflicts because this is a slightly weak period

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