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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tuesday 14 September 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may not be as happy with your work or your finances and that is why you are unhappy in your personal life also, but this is more of a mindset because you are thinking too much and thinking a bit negatively
Do – Look at the goodness of this period, your own people are supportive of you, your relationships are vibrant and giving you happiness, but you are thinking negatively and that is where the problem lies
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own involvement with others will bring lot of goodness, it will take away the frustrations which you carry and differences which you carry, make a little attempt and you will be benefited
Vrish – Your expectations are high and that is why you are not able to draw the happiness of this period, whereas uneasiness may be restricted to your interaction with others in which you are not able to trust others fully
Day special – Speak slightly and convey clearly what you wish to convey, that will resolve many issues and resolve differences of opinion also side by side
Mithun – If you create distress with your own people then those factors will surface, as a result it may pressurize you both on financial front as well as psychological front
Do – You have the ability to resolve your matters connected with money or with relationships, but for attempting to do that you will have to have a very positive approach and appreciate others,
Don’t – Don’t forget that as the day progresses you will be able to improve your focus and resolve your matters, that is the goodness which will appear by afternoon
Karka – This period is actually motivating you to move forward in life, adverse situations also provide a big challenge and indirect motivation which is important
Day special – Relationships may at some stage seem frustrating, but if you get the support of your own people then you can actually turn the tide and create advantageous situations for yourself, that is the strength which is available with you
Simha – If you carry dissatisfactions for your own people then they will convert into conflicts, as money is a big motivator in life you will get into financial issues also in the process
Do – As the day progresses financial angle will become favorable for you, hence you must keep lot of patience and not get into anything in which you show your anger
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck is favoring you to remain very positive in your approach, you will have to shed your uneasiness especially in the morning as that is not going to help
Kanya – You may not be as happy with your own efforts at this stage, but indirectly luck will turn the tide in your favor and many things will become supportive
Day Special – You can resolve your issues connected with relationships to your advantage, people may come forward to support you but you may move away from them and increase that rift, that is where the problem lies
Tula – Negligence in your eating & drinking habits can increase your health related issues, so much so that you may have to remember to lead a disciplined lifestyle and not create health related pressures on account of your own mistakes
Do – This is more so if you are away from your own people, that is another indirect reason of your being unhappy or being frustrated
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own decisions or your own circumstances have the ability to bring gains for you, for that reason you have to sacrifice something for gaining something else, but that must be done by remaining happy
Vrishchik – You may stand to gain from home or property but you may not be happy with the developments, still you may have to take those decisions despite your dissatisfactions
Day special – As the day progresses your financial gains will appear, that is where you will have to stay peaceful and accept what is reality at this stage
Dhanu – Financial involvement is needed in your work, if you are in business you may have to arrange funds and that can be a pressurizing situation
Do – Arranging funds may not be difficult, but its proper utilization is very essential as there are indications of wastages side by side
Don’t – Don’t forget that as a result your work related situations can become stronger, for that you will have to trust your own abilities as that is very essential
Makar – You need to make very careful investments, investment in terms of time and money requires lot of planning
Day special – You may be uneasy doing all that but that is a major requirement especially for your partner, you may have differences of opinion but taking decisions at times becomes essential if they are logical and well planned
Kumbh – Frustrations can continue as you think that the circumstances are not favoring you, it may take a little time for the goodness to appear fully and for that you will have to keep a lot of patience
Do – Foremost factor is to avoid differences especially created in your mind, as a result you will have to protect your savings side by side
Don’t – Don’t therefore take any financial decision out of uneasiness or frustrations, one can go wrong under those pressures and that is where you have to avoid being too touchy
Meena – You are feeling distressed in personal relationships or in marital relationships, there are factors of pressures in home and family which need to be avoided
Day special – You have abundant goodness in you which can handle your situations pragmatically, but most important is to keep yourself cool and that will provide the necessary protection which you need at this stage

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