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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday 27 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – On account of certain issues of professional and financial matters you are feeling pressurized, especially if you have to repay some money or fulfill your financial commitments.
Day special – Still your own well being is such that you wish to fulfill your desire, that is why these seem to be committed decisions which you have taken in your mind and which you wish to implement.

Vrishabh – You have the ability to handle many things simultaneously, but at the same time many factors are also continuing to be pressurizing as you have various issues on your mind.
Do – Your friends or well-wishers are not as supportive to you as you expect, that is why you are not able to concentrate towards your decision making also.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that these are the patterns of ups and downs which are made up in your mind, you are carrying a lot of apprehensions even though your own people are supportive to you as always.

Mithun – You wish to take care of your own people in home and family, and you also wish to enjoy your prosperity with them to get that happiness and to spread that happiness.
Day special – Gains from work are supportive and your partners are helping you in many ways, for that reason your overall prosperity is intact and that is the advantage which you can reap.

Karka – This period is motivating you to work hard and to improve your life further, for that reason there is lot of auspiciousness playing its positive role even though you may not be as happy.
Do – Circumstances may be seemingly adverse, but the undercurrent of this entire situation is very strong and positive, that is the goodness with which you have to take your decisions.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that routine kind of issues and pressures will always be there, for that reason any thoughts connected with travels or changes will have to be postponed for a while.

Simha – You are likely to further augment your savings in a very lucky manner; this is despite the fact that there is some amount of lack of planning which you are continuing to carry.
Day special – Even in matters connected with some love relationship you may face that initial opposition, but eventually in the long run you will realize that you are getting the support the way you want.

Kanya – Matters of personal well being are important to you which include many factors, relationship is one important aspect and taking care of health is another.
Do – But in all these priorities you are forgetting that your own people also require time and attention from your side, you have to therefore find a balance which is essential.
Don’t – Don’t rake up issues which are long over, to bring back those old matters is going to be unfortunate which you must not do.

Tula – Wastages are indicated and for that reason your financial matters may be difficult to handle, that is why matters connected with work also need to be planned with patience.
Day special – You have the ability to improve your performance with your own hard work, that will prove your abilities in the eyes of others and that is essential.

Vrishchik – Gains are indicated and your overall prosperity is intact, but there is need for lot of careful planning for future as that is important.
Do – You must remember that living in present is important, but saving something for the future is more important especially in such moments where the forces are asking you to do so.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that constant involvement will continue to improve your financial resources as well, for that reason your own knowledge will have to be used judiciously so that you take that careful step forward.

Dhanu – Work is important and home is where your contentment lies at the moment, but at the same time work and your involvement needs to be maintained as much as possible.
Day special – There is reason for you to communicate and communicate effectively, this is for the purpose of conveying to others as to what you can accomplish.

Makar – Luck is helping you and favoring you immensely, and especially where you convey your thoughts in a manner which shows your care and concern for others.
Do – Personal life issues are very well indicated and your happiness is intact, even your loved ones will be supportive and motivating to you like never before.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that some love relationship can have many issues which are not very favorable, you will have to therefore understand the hidden obstacles which are there for you.

Kumbh – Pressures are there and obstacles are there for you to face, but more than anything else you will have to understand the need to save and to plan each day with carefulness.
Day special – If you communicate effectively your advantages will be immense, especially in home and family these are the important linkages which will help you immensely.

Meena – Take care of your own people as much as possible, but more than anything else show as to what you wish to do for others as that is more important.
Do – Remember that relationships need to be nurtured, and even if it requires some outflows or expenses you may still have to do it for your own loved ones.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that gains from your routine work are stable and adequate, that is eventually going to give you the direction which you want at this moment.

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