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Friday, May 6, 2011

Saturday 6 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Weak period as many pressures and problems may arise, you are not able to trust your own abilities and that is why you are not able to perform as much.
Day special – This is a period which requires lot of stability to be maintained, any kind of false self confidence is not going to help you and that is something which you will have to remember.
Vrish – You are not able to understand the views of others and that is where your problem lies, that is why your expenses and losses are also there which are not able to control.
Do – Financial savings is something which bothers you, that is why your dissatisfactions are showing also.
Don’t – Don’t try to play with your savings as that is not going to help, don’t therefore think that any magical solution will appear for which you have not worked.
Mithun – Health is a factor which needs care, your over involvement in your work may be contributing towards problems for you which needs to be handled carefully.
Day special – Your own focus towards your work may be too aggressive but you are ignoring many things in the process, you are ignoring that you have your own people who require your care, love and warmth.
Karka - Relationships are important but they cannot be pushed too hard that you just think about yourself only, and your desires are such that they can lead to more of problems.
Do – Work is important and your involvement is important, for that reason you will have to actually accomplish much more than what you are thinking.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own efforts are getting reduced at this stage; you will have to upgrade that to achieve your dreams which are very big.
Simha – There may be general happiness and well being in your personal life or family life, but you are thinking too much in terms of your financial matters only which is complicating your life in many ways.
Day special – Financial angle needs to be protected as you cannot take risks, you must not do anything which may lead to any financial distress for you.
Kanya – This period is not helping you in any manner, your work is not shaping up the way you expect.
Do – You may be very forceful and you may have lot of ability, but you are not able to use that in the right direction.
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry this disillusionment and carry this diversion of mind, that is complicating your issues in many ways.
Tula – You may be in a happy situation for financial prosperity, but you are not still happy with your savings as much as you should.
Day special – You have responsibilities towards other and for that reason any amount of money may not be adequate, that is why you are a bit worried and dissatisfied.
Vrishchik - There is some amount of uneasiness on you which is not helping you in any manner, that is why you are in a fighting mood and you are complicating your life unnecessarily.
Do – Stay very peaceful and stay committed to what you are doing, that will eventually help you to do a lot and progress from your side.
Don’t – Don’t forget that there can be various factors of issues and obstacles in personal life, you cannot let this situation drift and cause upsets and therefore you need to handle your issues one step at a time.
Dhanu – You are worried for your loved ones but these are the thoughts made up in the mind, there is no real worry as such which may cause any disturbance.
Day special – There is overall divine blessing available to you, but you will have to try and understand people around you as much as possible as that only make your life happy.
Makar – You may be getting into financial distress and disputes, as such there is no deficiency in that but there may be pressures from home and family in this regard.
Do – You may be a bit unfair in creating those disputes, you may have to therefore discuss your matters by communicating with an open mind.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that health is not as great as you would like it to be, there are too many ups and downs which is because of your neglecting attitude.
Kumbh – On one hand your knowledge and abilities are not supporting you as much as required, on the other hand you are not satisfied with your work situation also as a result.
Day special – There is nothing wrong with your work situation but your dissatisfactions are playing a negative role, therefore you will have to keep your thinking stable and not complicate it in any manner.
Meena – Personal life issues are getting stressed and complicated, so much so that you may be blaming your luck for many things at the same time.
Do – Your own thinking is becoming such that you are not able to focus on your priorities, you are thinking of certain relationships in which you are not yourself convinced.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that it is not a hopeless situation, you can control all these aspects with a little bit of planning which you must start doing now.

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