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Friday, May 27, 2011

Saturday 28 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – This is a highly motivating period which you can take advantage of, even in matters where your thinking of certain changes or improvements this is possible.
Do – While there is lot of goodness in this pattern you are becoming stressed, that is where some amount of care and moderation is needed.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of conflict or differences as a result of these forces, if you keep your thinking stable you will be able to protect yourself.

Vrishabh – Routine kind of pressures and wastages are indicated, you may not be able to hold on your to savings and that is where the problems lies.
Day special – Even in some love relationship there can be disagreements leading to distance, but these are the pressures which you are creating on your mind and causing harm for yourself.

Mithun – Gains from various sources are indicated, more than anything else your work will be beneficial to you in many ways.
Do – Your involvement in work should remain very high as that is the advantage, with that kind of positive involvement your benefits will also accrue.
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have to fulfill your commitments, if you have to arrange for funds for work even that effort must be made.

Karka – Travels, changes or alternatives may have to be considered, for that reason your entire mindset is focused towards change which you wish to bring about.
Day special – Luck is favoring you immensely and that is the positive flow which is available, and for that reason your growth, success or promotion is also indicated.

Simha – Financial prosperity is indicated and financial gains are in the offing, but you may still be under pressure because you have so many thoughts on your mind to fulfill what you wish to do.
Do – Even if you have pressures from your seniors or superiors you will have to be careful, you cannot complicate your issues by your own thinking.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in any kind of discussion your peace and patience will help you, anger is one enemy which is trying to stab you in your back.

Kanya – In personal life as well as in professional life there are many challenges which you will have to face, to accomplish that you will have to associate with others and try and understand the views of others.
Day special – More than anything else you will have to control your own mistakes at this stage, otherwise you may have to blame yourself for what you have done.

Tula – Luck may favor you in your personal life but the pattern also becomes wasteful in the process, that is why a lot of care is needed.
Do – Health factors need care because there are patterns of pressures and problems emerging, any need for investigation or treatment must be remembered.
Don’t – Don’t ignore the routine kind of outflows as they can become bigger and convert into losses, that is where your prudence will help you.

Vrishchik – Personal life issues can get complicated, emotional angle has to be handled very carefully as you cannot ignore that.
Day special – There are more than one reasons where your pressures are likely to build up, but there is only one solution to all these factors, become very mild in your thoughts and in your actions.

Dhanu – Personal life issues are important to you and you are giving due care towards that, so much so that your loved ones and your emotional make-up is focused towards your own people.
Do – Each passing moment is such which can bring you happiness, you have to therefore try and achieve that happiness as much as possible as that can prove to be beneficial for you and your loved ones.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your partners, your well-wishers, or your associates can bring the necessary auspiciousness in your life; especially where your own abilities are concerned you can get that advantage.

Makar – Minor conflicts of trivial nature must be avoided, especially in home and family this carefulness is very essential.
Day special – Changes or change of place are on your mind and you may come closer to your own people, that is where your heart and your happiness lies.

Kumbh – Your discussions will prove to be beneficial and will lead to your thoughts being appreciated, but there can be hidden upsets as well as someone may try to reverse these gains for you.
Do – For that reason you will have to protect yourself from certain issues which you do carelessly, that is how you have to condition your mind and save the situation.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity will also take care of many things, for that reason you have to be thankful to God.

Meena – Overall pattern of gains in personal life are indicated very well, you are able to associate with others and spread that goodness in the form of your love and care.
Day special – You will have to moderate your eating and drinking habits as that is where some pressures may be evident, but a little bit of carefulness can save this situation dramatically to your advantage.

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