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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tuesday 31 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your preparation for your studies can be remarkable, whether in written examination or in interview you are likely to do very well.
Day special – Your self confidence is high and you can achieve anything which you wish to achieve, for that reason I feel that the circumstances are just well placed for your motivation and your involvement.

Vrishabh – Gains of all kinds are indicated from home and family, you are able to speak well and convey your thoughts very clearly and that is the advantage which you carry.
Do – But somehow there is still some amount of negativity which can be changed, a little bit of effort can bring about that goodness the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that the goodness has to be used and utilized as much as possible, for that reason you can also use your knowledge adequately in your work to get that best advantage.

Mithun – Travels or changes may be on your mind but you are also worried side by side as to whether this is the right step forward, but overall prosperity is intact and you are happy with that.
Day special – Financial angle is well placed and you are convinced that everything will be alright, more than anything else you are determined and your gains are indicated.

Karka – Financial situation is stable but routine kinds of pressures are also continuing, you will have to remove certain apprehensions which you carry on your mind which are not really required.
Do – Work related advantage must be maintained and continued, you have to improve your knowledge by removing your anxiety and your worries as that is not required.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there can be hindrances in your efforts, but your motivated involvement will take you through these times and make you successful.

Simha – Your involvement in work is remarkable and success stories are written like that, actually the situation is such that luck may also favor you more than anything else.
Day special – Psychologically you have to look at stability factor more than anything else, constantly thinking about change or changes at every step is also not desired.

Kanya – There are many thoughts on your mind which includes alternatives and options, but thinking like that you are stressing yourself and not able to take your decision also properly.
Do – For that reason there can be many issues which are confronting your mind, you have to therefore plan well and plan adequately so that you are benefited.
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that everything is alright, many things require your constant involvement and that should be the effort in the long run.

Tula – Personal relationships are under stress and that is why monetary position can also be in difficulty, but you are still trying to associate with others and trying to understand the views of others.
Day special – Largely it is a situation where your own comfort is indicated, but you are trying to take big or drastic decisions which can remove that stability or reduced that comfort, that is something which will have to be protected.

Vrishchik – Professional issues can be the reason for your stress and pressures in personal life, you will have to therefore find a balance and find time for others as much as possible.
Do – More than anything else you have to protect your financial position from getting into difficulties, even the factors of health therefore need to be understood very well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that this is not the right period for carrying any relationship forward, you have to get away from everything and continue to stay devoted to what you are doing, maintaining peace is more important than anything else.

Dhanu – Luck may actually harm you if you depend on it, that is why in work or in personal life you will have to avoid any kind of distress which is not looking good.
Day special – Love relationships may also be on your mind but this is something which has to be handled carefully, you cannot take everything for granted and then expect that everything will be alright, therefore a lot of carefulness is needed on day to day basis.

Makar – Your inclination for relationships can have many troubles and which are not looking good, you may seem happy and stable but there are many hidden factors which are growing and which can cause several upsets.
Do – It is better to stay away from relationships for a while, you must understand that home and family is where your stability lies, at least for the time being you have to understand that.
Don’t – Don’t therefore push your ideas in any manner, especially where you are yourself not convinced you have to be all the more careful.

Kumbh – Personal life issues are such which may have minor irritants here and there, but some love relationship is shaping up well and growing which is giving you serious thinking also, you wish to convert that relationship into something permanent.
Day special – As such your overall involvement towards life is remarkable, you are highly motivated and you are highly blessed at the moment and this will help you in many ways.

Meena – Your efforts and your involvement has many question marks attach to them, your boss may not be inherently supportive towards you and that is where the problem lies.
Do – Discussing your matters and resolving them by proper interaction can be helpful, in that process you have to showcase your performance and convey as to what you are capable of doing.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that carrying apprehensions or uneasiness is not going to solve your problems, your own self confidence is going to help you immensely and that should be your target.

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