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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunday 8 May 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are thinking of travel, changes or even major decisions which you wish to take, but you are not sure as to what you should do as you are not convinced yourself.
Do – As the week progresses your firmness of views will appear, but still you must understand that these are changing times and many of these thoughts will have to undergo a rapid change.
Don’t – Don’t therefore commit yourself in a very forceful manner, you may have to consider various other facts connected with your emotions and relationships as the week progresses.
Vrish – On one hand you are thinking about your dreams to be fulfilled and on the other hand you are not able to plan as well, financial prosperity is not enough as you may have to consider many other aspects also.
Week special – You may be stressed with people around you but you may have to support them eventually, for that reason your financial outflows may also increase in the time to come.
Mithun – Work related situation is stable and rewarding, this is despite the fact that you are not able to involve yourself so well as much as it is required.
Do – You must look at the help and guidance which you may get from others, that can actually bring in lot of financial gain for you the way you want.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own forcefulness and knowledge will have to be used judiciously; if you take your decisions carefully the situation will remain ever supportive.
Karka – Week special – You are possibly stressing yourself by thinking too much, that is where a lot of peace is required because your big plans or decisions may not be as valid as yet.
Simha – There may be many obstacles which you may face, but very fast the circumstances are changing and that will open up the path of relationships for you.
Do – Financial angle still remains stressful, you cannot take any decision which may prove to be harmful to you for which you will have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be hasty for a while, wait for the better times which are unfolding now and that will improve many things to your advantage.
Kanya – You must avail of the goodness of this period as much as you can, in personal life as well as in home and family your own honesty and goodness must be used to give you the right direction in life.
Week special – Work related situation is not as strong and therefore you will have to keep a lot of patience, but in the process don’t let your own involvement get reduced as that can be harmful.
Tula – Health related concerns as well as differences of opinion may continue to bother you, you will have to avoid getting into any kind of conflict from your side at this moment.
Do – Depending on luck unnecessarily will not help, as such this is a period which may give stress, pressures and even losses, therefore you will have to remain very mild as well as very vigilant.
Don’t – Don’t think that financial prosperity will take care of everything, that is not possible and that is why care is needed.
Vrishchik – Relationships are generally stable but the time is running out for you to take that advantage, now many facts of reality will appear gradually which you will have to face.
Week special – You may think that someone has created obstacles in your smooth path, for that reason your uneasiness is valid, but no one take away the honesty and your ability from you in any manner.
Dhanu – Home life and personal life is stable and vibrant, you have this goodness in you that you can connect with people around you as that is important.
Do – Even if you think that others are not as supportive you still have to take care of them, by doing so your own honesty and goodness will appear which will show you in good light.
Don’t – Don’t forget that at any moment in life there is a priority which you have to fix, and at this moment the priority is towards your loved ones who require your care.
Makar – You are stressing yourself thinking about certain changes and certain travels, but in the process your own hard work and ability is becoming stronger the way you want.
Week special – In personal life you may be getting into stressed situation with your loved ones, that is where your own extreme of thinking is indicated which is to be brought under control.
Kumbh – Financial prosperity is generally stable and there is nothing to worry, in fact a time is now coming where you will have to start thinking of judicious investment into your work which will prove to be advantageous.
Do – This may not be right time to plan for children or to take your family forward, you have to therefore remain careful and also take care of your health in the process.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own mildness will help you in many ways; especially in what you convey to others must show your own pragmatism adequately.
Meena – This period increases your pressures from the personal life point of view, your own people require your care for which you will have to involve fully and wholeheartedly.
Week special – The very fact that your focus towards other is increasing will help you to fulfill your duties towards others, but if you show any kind of anger it may lead to conflicts also, that is where protection is needed.

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